Experience Winter Olympics rich people’s lives (going to Winter Olympics)

  I heard that the disabled "Ice Home" can experience the ice and snow movement, Beijing Shijingshan District Jinding Street Street Square, the residents, Yao Guhong, is excited: she is inconvenient for the legacy of the legs, but I really like the ice and snow, "watch TV at home." I like to look at the mountain ski, cross-country skiing.

"Seeing the wonderful place, I will not help but call it. If I can experience a" ice and snow ", how good! I came to Shijingshan District for disabled friends," Ice Home ", Winter Disabled Project Video introduction, experience VR real snow sports, pockets on the table, pushing the ice making … A suitable featuring ice and snow project makes Yao Guhong should be negligible.

Let’s take a pocket on the table! Communicate with other participants, exchange, exchange experience the fun of ice and snow, which makes it feel that Beijing Winter Olympics is really around. "Disabled Friends in the ‘Ice Snow Home’ understands the Winter Olympics, Winter Disabled Olympics, you can also experience related competitions on site.

Liu Jingzhu, Vice Chairman of Shijingshan District Disabled Persons’ Federation, said that the "Ice and Snow House" has been established in September last year, the 2020-2021 Ice and Snow Season series has been organized – "Ice Snow Home" visits experience cum table curling friendship Farming and other series of experience activities. According to reports, "Ice House" model will also promote copying in various streets, the disabled professional rehabilitation station, driving the masses, will participate in the ice and snow movement, help them establish scientific fitness, healthy upward Life concept, to provide participation, experience, integration, and enjoy the good environment of Winter Olympics.

  In order to further "bring 300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement", enhance the disabled people to participate in the good atmosphere of Winter Olympics, Winter Disappropriation, Shi Jingshan District Disabled Persons’ Federation, Winter Admiralsu, Winter Admiralsu, etc., promote Winter Olympics, Winter Cultural sports into the streets, into the community, the district disabled Persons’ Federation also launched the "charm Shi Si Mountain to help the Winter Disabled" "Love Winter Olympic Dream New Era" and other themes of the world of ice and snow activities. The residents of Siji Mountain, Wuli Street, Shijingshan District, Full of Jie Jie’s inconvenience, with the help of the District Disabled Persons’ Federation, he walked out of the house, go to the ski resort to experience skiing, contact and fall in love with a curling movement and dryland.

Practical training makes his skills more and more exquisite, and also participated in the competition in Beijing. Today, he often invited partners to train together, want to get good results in the next game. "Participate in ice and snow sports, wonderful.

"Man Shijie said, I also want to touch other ice and snow sports. It is getting closer to the Beijing Winter Olympics, Winter Disabled Olympics, Shijingshan District passes the true ice, imitation of the ice, the ice and snow lecture hall, small faculty training Series such as the class, mini curling promotion and dry land curling competition, enhanced the incidence of ice and snow movement of disabled people. Liu Jingzhu said they will also launch a new round of related ice and snow sports promotion activities, such as Winter Olympics propaganda, theme cultural shirt painting Red Base – Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, Mini Cool League, Winter Olympic Work Cloud Show, 100 people on ice, hundreds of people snow, etc., will be fully covered by nearly 1,000 disabled friends.