G6 Jinglu Expressway to the Lhasa section

Xinhua News Agency, Lhasa, August 21 (Reporter Liu Hongming) 21st, G6 Jingbang Expressway That song to Yangbajing section opened traffic, full length 227 kilometers, design speed 120 km. At this point, the total length of 295 kilometers of G6 Jingbang Expressway is to the Lhasa section (referred to as Nala Expressway) through the car, Tibet High-grade high-level road traffic has 1105 kilometers. The lavish highway is built in a region where the average sea level is more than 4,500 meters, and the two-way four lanes are the highest highways in Shanghai. After passing through, the drive between Lhasa City and Nago City is shortened to the national road 109 out of the past three hours.

Among them, the sheep bond to the Lhasa section design speed is 100 kilometers, the whole length is 68 kilometers, which is open to the car on October 1, 2020.

That song to Yangbajing Expressway commander Wang Jie, said that in the face of the surface of the earth, the earth is frozen, the seasonal frozen soil environment, design, and construction should overcome the challenge of subgrade sinking, slide, road cracking, deformation.

The participating units use the composite base asphalt pavement in Tibet to carry out the layered anti-crack design of the pavement structure, combined with the grassroots optimization level, add anti-crack function layer, etc., solve the high-altitude-high-altitude area highway grassroots, surface layer Frozen cracking problem.

The Tala Expressway is "National Highway Network Planning (2013 – 2030)" G6 Beijing-Tibet Expressway is also a major project of the expansion and upgrading of Qinghai-Tibet, will significantly improve the passage of the Qinghai-Tibet major channel, security And transportation services. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Tibet will also promote the construction of Golmud to That Lu Tong to the G6 Beijing-Tibet Expressway.