Drawing a hundred years of party history spiritual power to create a highly identified base discipline inspection supervision supervision Shaoxing version

The three mission assumes political consciousness, ideas, consciousness, and conscious.

I have repeatedly went to Jiaxing South Lake to pay tribute to the broken boat, and in a piece called "track", I wrote this feeling: If there is a dream, the road is trip to Beijing The road in Tiananmen Gate If there is a small wooden boat, there is a vast way to be a small red boat in Jiaxing South Lake, a small red boat carries a political party to the rising moon to carry a nine hundred and six hundred thousand The unchanged direction of the square kilometers of Jiangshan.

Two points, bureaucrats, no stop, take the lead in improving political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, loyalty, and resolutely putting the first duties of political supervision, full play The establishment party leads the role of protection, unwilling to advance the party-style and clean government construction and anti-corruption struggle to meet the party anniversary of the founding of the founding. Creatively use the important instruction spirit of Fengqiao experience, combined with the full coverage requirements, creative development and application of the new era of Fengqiao experience, the whole city promotes the standardization construction of the township (street) discipline inspection work, walking out of the top and bottom-related exclamation and self The new path of grassroots discipline inspection supervision and supervision of the next mass supervision.

In this process, we focus on the masses, and persistent your eyes down, step down, through the four-level linkage, four-effect resonance, strongly promote the supervision, supervision and landing, and the party’s voice Passing to the grassroots level, I also ran through the city township (street). It has benefited from the governance effectiveness of standardized construction, and Shaoxing has eliminated the zero-cut case of township (street) self-study in the province.

It is contributed to the report and re-reporting reports, which declines, and the masses have been significantly improved. This year, we will continue to create a highly identified grassroots discipline inspection and supervision of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Administration, so that the people’s sense of security is stronger, happier, gains more, and strive to show Chinese characteristics. Pharmaceutical practice in Shaoxing. Siqi, promote the principle of subject responsibility and supervision responsibility, form a synergy, promote comprehensive development from Yan Zhi Party to the depth; integrate three non-mechanisms, adhere to the strict main base, always punish the high pressure situation, Treatment of four winds, successfully realize the clearing of the pursuit of the formation; integrates four standardization (ie, the part of the committee, dispatch, patrol, township standardization) In order to govern the effectiveness; integrally promote the construction of eight major lygenous units, bringing a point, scoping, focusing on, forming a batch of demonstration benchmarks, driving Qinghe Shaoxing Construction whole domain promotion, all lines.

Salty and honest, create a strong atmosphere of Chongothermal, so that the masses feel in the natural environment of Shaoxing Mountain Qingshui, all have a breeze everywhere.

For example, we have held the three-year-old poetry prose contest, built Shaoxing Qinghe Pavilion, has received a lot of thousands of people to visit and learn from the opening of the house last year, and the influence of Qingbaiquan cultural brand continues to enlarge.

This year, we will also deepen the practice of hard work, especially the implementation of the decision-making deployment of the provincial government’s high-level construction poetry road cultural belt. Digging clean elements on the road of Tang poetry in Zhedong, and takes a new era of Shaoxing. Road, choose the excellent works of the national Qinghe Poetry Competition, compiled the creation of the new era of the new era of the new era, strengthen grassroots supervision and the two theoretical monographs of Shaoxing Qinghe Thoughts, and cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to draw one The 100-meter long scroll "Qingfeng Road map", with the four books, a volume of the party’s anniversary, and strive to add more Shaoxing’s cheap colors in important windows.

Editor in charge: Xu Le Jing.