County economic transformation calls talents gather

From November 6th to 7th, Hui’an County "Doctoral Evergreen" was officially carried out. In the event, Hui’an invited nearly 100 jobs in Hui’an and Hui’an, seeking a doctor to study, these high-education talents combine their own expertise and suggested as the economic and social development of Hui’an.

It is understood that the doctoral activity is the first time in Hui’an County for the participation of the subject.

The relevant person in charge of the county organizational department said that in the context of the economic transformation of the county economy, Hui’an economic and social development, it is necessary to help with a large number of high-education talents, which is also the original intention of this event. Next, Hui’an County will make a series of new initiatives and new policies introduced to high-end talents, through talents gather, and boost the spirit of Hui’an County Economic Development.

Hui’an County will target talents and have a deep economic and social development background. Hui’an is the county economic in Fujian Province, and the county economic competitiveness has been ranked among the top 40 in the country, the top 40 in the country. In 2020, Hui’an, which is mainly based on traditional manufacturing, has a total of 100 billion yuan, reaching 100 million yuan. The total economic volume exceeded 100 billion yuan, which is very difficult to say to Hui’an. However, how to break through the high position? Objectively see, industrial economy mainly in traditional manufacturing of stone carvings, food, chemicals, has begun to encounter high-cost factors, sales difficulties, decline in profit margins, and facing transformation and upgrading in recent years.

Transformation means technology and innovation, that is, it is necessary to increase the investment in automation, creativity, research and other fields, and improve product value.

To achieve this goal, in terms of path, especially important point in addition to capital investment, it is necessary to have corresponding talent resources as support. In addition, another direction of Hui’an County economy transformation is a great effort to develop new energy, new materials, intelligent equipment and other emerging industries. Compared with traditional industries, emerging industries have higher dependence on talents. It can be said that if there is no corresponding talent to help, whether it is the transformation of traditional industries, it is difficult to achieve the cultivation and development of emerging industries. Based on such awareness, local awareness that must be an article around this production factor. From an external economic environment, currently, regional economy and county economic competition is increasingly fierce, and the talent competition is the core content.

Tenian, innovation, development.

From this perspective, local, especially the county level, must build a "talent is the first resource" concept, put the talent work in the overall planning and research of the local economy and social development, the humanity, material, financial resources for talent work Clear specific requirements, making talent resources play a greater role in promoting local economic and social development, and local economic and social development has a larger space.

Of course, we should also see that compared with the domestic first-second cities, even ordinary prefecture-level markets, county-level levels in urbanization levels and education, medical, etc., there is a natural short board in attracting talents.

Therefore, to attract talents, we need to take out practical talent policies in the county level to let more suitable talents form a gathering effect.

From the perspective of talent use, people are expensive, and must start from the actual needs of the economic and social development of the county level, with the core of the company, the scientific and technological talents attracted by the industrial upgrading, and they can stay, stable, Well done.

Only this, in order to let talents "come, then,", play the school, the director, contribute to the upgrading of local economic development, so that the county economy is full of vitality.

(Fujian Daily).