Based on the resource advantage, the river pool promotes the development of the Silk industry to achieve the development of the whole industry chain.

A series of silk products are shining at the conference. Ning Yi Fan’s three sisters, the songs, the silk new matters.

On December 10, the first China Silk Industry Investment Summit, the first China Silk Industry High Quality Development Conference hosted by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Hechi Municipal People’s Government, and China Silk Association, held in Yizhou District.

The General Assembly made a conservation for the high quality development of Hechi with silkworm mulberry. At the guest, experts scholars jointly planned the new chapter of the high-quality development of the silk industry to jointly establish Chinese silk new consensus consensus and aggregation force. Silk is a treasure of Chinese costume culture, and it is also a beautiful business card. There are currently 29 silk processing enterprises, 25 large-scale enterprises, and white factory consumers, accounting for% of Guangxi white factory wire production (15308 tons); the blank is 6 million meters, accounting for the total production of Guangxi blank! % Of 160.8 million meters).

In recent years, Hechi has seized the strategic opportunities of "East Sangshi shifted", vigorously developed the mulberry silkworm, the mulberry area, and the freshness production increased year by year.

For a long time, the Hechi Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal People’s Government attaches great importance to the development of silk industry, in Yizhou as the core area, promotes the construction of silkworm breeding bases and silk sesame seeds, building a national famous, radiant global "China Silk New" .

The city’s silkworm scale has been ranked first in the country for 16 years, and the silk processing ability leads the whole country. At present, Hechi City is based on the advantages of resources, and fully promotes the development of the Silk industry to achieve the development of the whole industry chain, and vigorously cultivates a total of 100 billion silkworm silk industry clusters. First, the tree benchmark, strong brand.

Through the implementation of the total year-old artificial feed seed silkworm, promote the four seasons to raise silkworms and factory production, improve the quality of the silk, and create a group of famous famous products, and further consolidate the leading position of the international and domestic in the river silk silkworm silk.

The second is the chain, aggregation group.

Actively undertake key technical short boards such as east textile and apparel industries, supplemented silk printing and dyeing and other key technologies, extended the increased value of silkworm industry chain, fully launched the construction of Yizhou Textile City, and strive to create a highland of silk textile industry in the western and even across the country. The third is the platform and go out. Grasping the opportunity of "One Belt" and Western Lu Hai New Channel, build a river silk industry ecotry circle, draw "chain", string "chain", gradually covered into Guangxi, Guangdong and Southeast Asia, and take advantage of " All the way "The South is extended to Eurasia to further expand the influence of silkworm silk industry.

It is understood that the next step, Hechi City will take the opportunity of this conference, continuously promote communication between places, associations, enterprises, and research institutions, talk about the development path of silk industry, and seek the future of silk industry, share silk Industrial development results.

Hechi City will continue to support the development of the Silk Industry and Silk Association, continue to deepen the "venting service" reform, to open the "green channel" for the silk whole industry chain project, with more efficient service, more excellent business environment boost Silk industry is stronger. (Ning Yi Van) (Editor: Chen Luo, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.