Tongcheng implements "Wendu" project to support high quality development

Since this year, Tongcheng is tightly built to create a "human wonderful land, the wisdom, the city", focusing on policy innovation, vigorously implementing the "Wendu" project, promoting the intersection of Yucai, and strives to build a high quality of talents and support the high quality development of counties. The city gathered a new industry, cultivated the leading talents, carrying out entrepreneurs and cultivated operations, establishing a corporate team info, implemented dynamic management; revolving the quality of "new generation" entrepreneurs, senior management talents increased, annual organization of entrepreneurs Investigation, recommend entrepreneurs participated in the senior training class of the President of the President of the Human Talent, the provincial "new era, new manufacturing, new emblem", and training activities such as Anqing City Industrial Digital Economic Lecture Hall; , Choose the tree "double creation" benchmark.

At present, the city has cultivated the provincial war new industrial leading talents, Xiajiki, and Hu Xizeged "China Down Industry Daguar Arts and Sit", Xu Yingrong, Jiang Chuanbao ranked among the "50 outstanding entrepreneurs" in the province.

The city encourages high-level talents to start a business, in-depth implementation of the five major action plans of "Wendu", focusing on both electromechanical equipment, green packaging two first industries, formulating the key industries urgently need the talent catalog, insisting on "not seeking all, but seeking" The principle, improve the flexibility, support the workstation of the academician workstation, postdoctoral workstation, set up the Tongcheng Science and Technology Innovation Service Center, and this year with the cooperation between the Industrial R & D center, "Zhixi" team continues to grow. At present, the city’s key construction workstation, two provincial science and technology special staff workstations, 20 Skills Students, 54 provincial-level innovation (service) platforms, 3 provincial new R & D institutions, 5 Postdoctoral Workstation 5 Instruct a variety of experts (teams) more than 40 people. The city actively innovates talents policy support, introduces the introduction of talents and cultivation policies "new 20", clarify the target tasks and specific measures such as the development of talents; set up special funds for 30 million talents, and included in the annual financial budget, Increased year by year; attracting college graduates to start business, signed a labor contract with enterprises for more than 3 years and over more than 1 year in the enterprise, giving a three-year living allowance. Improve the security system, improve the "talent card" distribution management, provide 12 categories of 26 services for gold card users, provide 11 types of 22 services for silver card users, for Tonggong entrepreneurship, employment, medical security, etc. provide excellent service. The city’s innovative skills talent training system, through school-enterprise docking, organizational enterprise centralized training and entrustment training, etc. Take 1767 people, including 590 senior workers. Tongcheng Strait Senior Technical School successfully built the "National High Skills Talent Training Base", Sun Yun Skills Master Studio has been awarded the provincial skills master studio and Anqing Monte Model Innovation Studio.

At present, there are nearly 60,000 market mains, including 399 industrial enterprises above, have a variety of management skills. (Pan Yueqin Li Shuguang) (Editor: Huang Yan, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.