"Because of love, it is attached" Chinese female astronauts first out the cabin to complete a number of technical verification

In the outstanding task of the group of this Shenzhou 13, Wang Yaping undertakes the task of the city. Li Zhihai, the Space Station System, the Fifth Institute of the Aerospace Technology Group: In order to ensure that female astronauts can play the role of the cabin, our space service is a special adjustment for the body shape of the female space. Female Aerospace The glove will adapt to her.

Female astronauts have completed a number of technical verification in addition to the improvement of space station equipment, and Wang Yaping has completed a number of technical verification.

Li Xuedong, the Space Station System, the Fifth Research Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Group: Female Astronauts first out, she will verify their ability, including her use characteristics of her space service; then on the robot arm, her height, she The power, there is also a verification.

Wang Yaping: Executive God Ten Mission God Thirteen Opening a New Challenge Wang Yapi’s Flying Dream Sounded in China for the first manned flight mission in China in 2003 – the launch of the Shenzhou-five launch.

Since then, Wang Yaping that is already a pilot is eager to rush out of the atmosphere and look at the mysterious world of space.