"Technology + Culture": From the service will see China’s cultural confidence

Original title: "Technology + Culture": From the service meeting to see China’s cultural self-confidence digital cultural relic library, digital multi-treasure hall, the famous palace name, in the 2021 China International Service Trade Fair, many viewers in the "Digital Forbidden City" The booth is in full sufficient.

The organizer uses a new generation of digital technology and high-precision 3D data to show the details and whole picture of the Forbidden Palace, so that the audience can enjoy the national treasure collection of the Forbidden City on the screen. After coming, let the audience experience the strong scientific skills and cultural flavors.

  At the service trade union, not only the digital national treasures of the Forbidden City, but also in accordance with the cultivation products created by the thermal broadcast drama "Awakening New Year", the "Technical Corporation" and Dunhuang "and Media Art" Qingming Shanghe Map ", etc.

Traditional culture has completed modern technology, and the retro style and technology are perfectly integrated, and become a different view of this session.

  Not only that, the cultural science and technology integration of the cultural technology integration is also set up in the Wenxian Service Special Exhibition of the World Service Trade Union.

Through the wisdom scenic spot, VR Museum, Integrated Smart Laboratory, Naked Eye 3D Barrier Technology, AR Mirror Interactive Take Photo System, Peony 4D Dynamic Simulation Driver, Smart Screen, Digital Beijing Big Ping and other demonstrations, gathering cultural science and technology fusion leading edge results, Wonderful presentation of cultural technology integration modern parks, built a platform window that concentratedly appreciate the cultural technology for the audience.

  The technology of cultural IP is presented, the cultural expression of technology products, "technology + culture" organic integration is a new trend of modern service trade, and a new trend of young people. With the improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength, the Chinese people have rapidly enhanced the identity of national culture, and the Chinese culture re-blooms.

  China is both a service trade big country, another technological big country, a cultural big country.

In recent years, from the "嫦龙", "嫦娥" flying, from "Shenzhou" spacecraft to "Yu Bun" to the Month, then to "God" "Beidou" "Mozi" "Wuzi" "Hongmeng" "鲲鲲" "We" … we show a flourishing momentum through the comprehensive improvement of cultural strength, through the full level of China’s scientific and technological strength, this is exactly that we accelerate the construction of cultural strong countries and scientific and technological strong countries. Throughout the world’s cultural strength in the world, it is often a strong technology. By high-tech packaging cultural products, it is a cultural soft power that symbolizes modern civilization.

China’s independence of China has explored a road to prosperous prosperity and created new pathways of Chinese style modernization and human civilization. This is not only the results of China’s firm cultural confidence. It is also the root of China’s continued to write brilliant.

  "Beautiful beauty, beauty, beauty and share, the world is big."

"The Service Trade Union not only presents China’s cultural and science and technology to the world, but also builds this cultural blending, intersection, and communication, making the world’s characteristic cultures into China.

We believe that cultural self-confidence is not a narrow only, but the exchange of exchanges on the basis of Haina Baichuan. The red fire service will not exhibit a wonderful wish of the world’s friendly communication? (Our reporter Zhong Chaoqi Xingyi) (Editor: Zhao Chao, Chen Jun) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.