"Deep drift" round upon Anju Dream (the little-warfare story around)

  After 6 years of "deep drift", He Pei Ring finally ended around Moving in March last year, and lived in the talent community of the Anju Zhihuiyuan. With her words, "became a real Shenzhen person."

  "I used to rent a house, I won’t consider it, this is the Nanshan back sea fillet area of ??the inch inch gold!" Strolling in the community garden, He Pei ring smile. In the community, fitness equipment, children’s casino, "5G +" smart community applications and other supporting facilities, the community is the bustling market of high-rise forests, and it is up to work.

  "It’s a Shenzhen person. However, it is not easy to say this sentence.

"In September 2014, this" 90 "girl set foot on the train in Shenzhen, in addition to the admission notice of a company, there is no longer thing. Shenzhen’s development speed is fast, there are more people who come to chase dreams.

In this city, it is the most embarrassing of Head’s headache. The rent is rising, and the housing is rising, the smaller the house is, the more the older is.

  In order to solve the problem of young people, the new citizens’ lives, build "living in the lives", Shenzhen City, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Talents Housing, the establishment of a talent housing investment, construction, and housing The full chain integrated operation system of four platforms such as leasing, exploring the new model of talents.

At present, more than 100,000 people have been accumulated, and "burden" billion yuan for all kinds of talent rent.

  Last year, Husi Zhihuiyuan talent community delivered, and the enterprises in He Peihuan were divided into talented house indicators. She is willing to live in a 90-square-meter three-bedroom, rented more than 5,300 yuan per month, and half of the market price. Here, she can stay at least 6 years. After home, happy events are constantly. He Peihuan’s husband concentrates on entrepreneurship, and the business is getting more and more popular; in January this year, the home added new Dink, and lived on the life.

  "With a stable housing, we plan to take root in Shenzhen!" He Yishang said that the community is mainly in young people, everyone often exchanges sharing in WeChat group, which is something, and there is still a person in response, and the neighborhood relationship is greatly enhanced. Living, feelings, happiness. At the beginning of this year, the Shenzhen Municipal Government Work Report proposed that the large-scale implementation of the housing construction plan, and the multi-channel increase the rental housing supply. During the "14th Five-Year Plan", it was planned to supply 280,000 sets of public housing, and the construction of rental housing was raised by 100,000 sets.

More and more "deep drift" will benefit.

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