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  This is Ai Aio, which was photographed in Hunan Huiling Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., on June 12. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yu photo "If Teacher’s father" carefully cultivated welding talents [sweat, tape measurement and professional book] For more than 50 years, more than 600 apprentices from Ai Guo’s hand have been transported from all over the motherland.

Among them, many people have received honors in the National May 1st Labor Medal, Hunan Province.

  "Master gives me the most impressive thing is ‘sweating’.

"European told reporters.

When the heat is hot, he places the straw hat on the hood, and take a towel on the shoulders. Welder sweating, sometimes adding a class back, and a shabdom of sweepstick. People say "Hey, worry, hurry to take a shower, take a break at get off work"

  Ai Ai Guo has a name to the tool.

  The tape is a common tool for welding.

Once, Ai Guo’s apprentice Wu Tao just led a new tape measure, and there was a spark when gas cut, and burned the tape measure. Ai Aio is very distressed, saying: "I have never burned a tape measure so many years. The tools with you are the guys you eat. You can’t eat the tableware." "Welder is easy to learn difficult No hobbies, will not brain, it is mechanical to work. "Ai Guo often said that he uses the amateur time to compose" the latest boiler pressure vessel welder training materials "" welding technology and automation "and other books, carrying each other The classified professional book is given to the apprentice, guiding learning. [Free to train laid-off workers and rural youth] In recent years, Ai Aio has focused on cultivating laid-off workers and rural youth, and has introduced welding technology to more than 200 people. He often said: "Do a good job of gangs, realize the inheritance of high-skilled talents, is my responsibility." "If the teacher is like a father," the apprenticeship of the apprenticeship. There is no place to live in the farm young people who come to make an apprentice. He wants to make a way to make them rest.

Every apprentice go home, he has resolutely ask not to bring any gifts, but silently prepare the snacks of a table.

  He insisted on for a new year, and the welder training of private enterprises was classified, and each time was "full".

He opened "Online Q & A" mode, all workers have his WeChat, there is something to find him, he always has a question.

  The rural children Liu Siqing father paid, he began to follow Ai Aio to learn welder after 15 years old, and learning is 6 years. Ai Ai Guo takes care of his life like his father and guides his study.

"After training, I went to Xinjiang for three years, and later went back to Xiangtan. He went to our company to do technical guidance, and saw me at a glance." Liu Siqing said, "he has been concerned about our growth.