Siege former soldiers who have destroyed the team wrote a suicide note …… front trap array, such as iron Jian, Li Chun Shu red mark about the first set ⑦

After an independent group set up only six months, under the impetus and the influence of the Communist Party of China, the National Revolutionary Army in Guangzhou, pledging the Northern Expedition. Military when he was appointed head of the Communist Party of Guangdong District Zhou Enlai as an independent group off, except told them to strengthen the party’s leadership, bravely fighting the enemy, but also specifically with Ye Ting Meet: horses Yangtze River, Wuhan meet. Ye Ting independent group headed by the Communists, so this group is also known as "Ye Ting independent group", the whole group has more than 2,000 people, has three battalions and two Territory teams.

Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, Ye Ting independent round part memorial site Thai instructors had said that although the newly established soon, but troops already disciplined reputation.

Independent Regiment soldiers and officers at all levels to strictly implement the "three no’s" – no Musharraf, not disturbing, no fund-raising; the officers be "no three gold" is not gold ring, no gold teeth, no gold spectacles. Ye Ting Shen Pei Zhihui Dao, braved the hot weather forced march, the whole group was only a white horse, rode to sick people, and soldiers as he walked. Upon arrival Hunan Ani, the face of the upcoming tough, he said each battalion commander: "We are the force of the people, but also the Northern Expedition of the advance team, we not only on behalf of the Guangdong Revolutionary Army, but also on behalf of the Communist Party of China this is the first. a fight, we will fight to win. "he commanded the troops courageously forward, he has been defeated six times the enemy. Independent group opener victory, stable Hunan war, it laid the foundation for the Northern Expedition.

Subsequently, Ye Ting army to the north, has occupied Liuyang, Pingjiang, the collapse of the enemy defenses. Ye Ting heard warlord Wu Pei-fu team soon hit Wuhan, suddenly panicked and ordered troops to hang on at all costs of military importance tingsiqiao.

Tingsiqiao is a small town in Xianning, the location is very important, is the southern gateway to the Wuhan cities, has always been contested. Difficult terrain, easily defensible. August 26 morning the battle started, the Northern Expeditionary Army soldiers rushed from the front of the bridge tingsiqiao of Wu Pei-fu army to occupy a favorable terrain, blocking the Crusader attack.

The whole army are anxious to do everything possible to find a breakthrough.

At this time, the head of Ye Ting came up with the coup.

Thus, under the leadership of local farmers, Ye Ting, Zhou Shidi independent group led by the second battalion, three battalions success around behind the enemy, before and after the attack with the main positive forces, has captured tingsiqiao.

This time, Wu Pei-fu Wuhan lair only the last line of defense – heshengqiao, but also more powerful enemy. Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, Ye Ting independent round section guide memorial site was introduced Thai, stick heshengqiao are direct descendant of Wu Pei-fu elite, "has always been invincible, known as invincible," In addition, there tingsiqiao back down from more than 10,000 people, Wu Pei-fu also personally deployment, to build a heshengqiao for the depth of around three lines of defense, described as impregnable. August 30 morning fog dump, an independent group of soldiers facing intensive fire, assault across the board, grappling with the enemy bayonet, a desperate fight.

Wu Pei-fu troops attempted to surround strategy, an independent group was enemy gunfire on three sides suffered heavy casualties, but the soldiers fought a bloody war, still fight to the death is not refundable.

In this critical juncture, Ye Ting decided to resolutely move forward to attack.

Until his later years, when he was chief of staff group, later founding of Zhou Shidi I will never forget this conversation when he and Ye Ting: The next storm all the way, brother forces arrived in time to work together, the war situation suddenly fall into place, like the Northern Army landslide embankment decisions, defeated, even Unite Wu bridge personally supervised the operation will not help.

After the occupation of heshengqiao, we continue to pursue an independent regiment Wu, to build on, like a knife, directed at Wuchang.