"Improving you through the cold winter" to pay tribute to the small people in the epidemic hero – People’s Political Consultative Conference

Huang Wei Jia Ling, Zhu Yilong, Xu Fan, Winter, etc. A strong actor will warmly New Year. The film focuses the lens to focus on the life scene of each strong and warm ordinary person, with a real small person as the prototype, with the emotion of each other as the main line, deliver a positive and optimistic attitude and warm cure. "Improving you through the cold winter" with warm heart is cured as a tone, turn the lens to the emotional demand of ordinary people, and reproduce their true emotions and simple wishes.

The sorrow of the movie is not seen, and the corners laugh on the winter, and then the city’s smoke. Huang Wei, Jia Ling played the express brother and takeaway rider, and their crisis took responsibility, "people are in the rivers and lakes, the words" "Who will take the hand in front of the big disaster"; Zhu Yilong played the piano teacher Sitwen, with music Doing a good medicine, a "Parrot Shutdown Bridge" after Wuhan, and the "Middle-aged Couple" Xu Fan and Gao Yalin operated travel agency and supermarkets also suffered a crisis. Can they dig hard? "Elderly Partner" Wu Yanui and Xu Shaoxiong are in front of the front line to "bother to live in the past, and one will go to the rear, who said that the elderly don’t understand romance? As the new lineup of this exposure, Zhou Dongyu’s internship nurse "wearing a mask should also be painted" only because "talking with the patient", showing cute and email; Liu Yulang’s storytelling passengers are still in foreign countries, hometown … … that year, the winter, they will take the group, and use their respective people to guard people.

The movie pays tribute to every place in the epidemic, actively and optimistic ordinary people, when the familiar life is forced to press the pause button, the small people of all walks of life have supported this hero city, "I registered" " I am coming, "I have a power to join the volunteer’s words. According to the reporter, the movie sheets are self-real person incidents. The director Xue Xiao Road visits the volunteers in all walks of life during the early stage of the epidemic, collecting a lot of story material. Every figure in the movie has concentrated the true prototyping story.

It is very powerful and optimistic, and Xu Fan said that "my hometown is a great city", "My hometown is a very great city." The citizens here are admired. They have experienced ordinary people. Unable to experience something. "

"Improving you through the cold winter" will be released in the country on December 24.

(Reporter Nie Qing) Editor: Pin Hui.