"Parasites" won the four awards of Oscar, Feng Jun, and Song Kang, 5 cooperation, all

  "Killing memories" is directed by Feng Junzhao, Song Kang, Jinxiangqing and others starring the suspension tablets. The film tells the story of a series of serial murder, small town police and Soviet police jointly handled cases from the Suzhou City.

  Feng Junyi uses black humor, the sharp contrast of the cold and tone, and the ups and downs of the plot, making the movie have the ultimate body. On the basis of the adaptation of the real incident, it is integrated into a large amount of dramatic elements, making the story more delicate, representing the overall level of Korea suspense series movies.

The final Song Kangxi arrogant acting, desperate and perseverance, angry and helpless eyes make people shock, "Fengfeng" in the movie is still new, kicking a genius director and good playing Platinum combination . The film has obtained the best script of the 2nd Korean Republic of Korea.

Feng Junxi has obtained the best director of the 2nd Korean Film Award with the film, and Song Kangxi won the Korean Movie Big Best Award.