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  Original title: The strongest "00" won the world champion national hand, Shanxi guy Ding Hao won the championship on December 12, the first China Go International Hatsuyer closed.

The chess pace is "exclusive" Shanxi chess, Dinghao, Zhongyou defeated "the first person in China" Ke Jie, and won the champion.

  The first China Go International Hand is divided into two phases.

The first phase of the competition was on October, and the top 32 professional players in the domestic grade were captured, and the competition was competed. The second phase of the eight-stage battle was unveiled on December 10, and Dinghao was amazing. It continued to defeat the sandonia, and the two world championships were defeated. Final decisive battle, Ding Hao and the first place in Chem. After the stage of the competition, the situation was glued, and after the battle to 60, Ding Hao’s white chess launched several offensive, and thoroughly wore the opponent’s hinterland.

128 hands, Ke Jie’s investment was consulted.

  Dinghao was born in Datong in 2000, started to learn chess at the age of 6, and became a professional player at the age of 13. In 2017, Ding Hao planted a lot of color in the Pawka League, defeated many world championships and other world champions and other world champions.

  After being "exciting" "Champion", "Champion", "Champion", "Champion Killer", etc., Ding Hao won the CCTV fast chess champion on April 9, 2019. This is Ding Hao’s first competition champion, and it is also the first time in China’s "zero" player won the first time in the domestic contest. On October 9 this year, in China’s Go National Work Tournament, Ding Hao was overcome, and he raised to the professional nine-segment players.

Ding Hao raised from six paragraphs to Jiudi only used 69 games, and he was upgraded from eight sections to nine paragraphs only 148 days, creating the fastest record of domestic players since 1982.

  On October 18, Ding Hao, which was raised to nine, defeated the world champion Yang Dingxin with a total of 2 to 0, and won the 17th "Advocating Chess Cup" Chinese Professional Go Championship.

This will once again win the China Go National Fair champion, which is perfect in 2021 performances in 2021.

  After being among the top masters of domestic chess, Ding Hao said that he will take place in the World Competition. "Seize every competition, try to achieve results." Ding Hao said.

(Reporter Yang Hull).