Zhang Da Qian disciples Fu Wenyan at the age of 102 in San Francisco, USA

  China Qiaonan November 12th According to the US "World Daily" report, famous painting and painter Fu Wensan has resigned in San Francisco in the United States, November 7, and enjoy 102 years old.

Fu Wenyan’s son said that his father is good, from time to time to draw painting, no longer have a cold, the condition is not good, and the mother is from simple.

  Fu Wenyan’s character, the ancestral home of Hebei Renqiu, born in Shanghai in August 1920, father is a high-level seafarer, childhood in Qingdao to produce great interest in painting, the "Forbidden City Week" is published. In 1946, Volvents, Wang Yawang, recommended teacher Zhang Daqian, into the room, big fortune, became a proud disciple and efforteration assistant in Zhang Da Qian.

Fu Wenyan has been in the process of remembering more than 70 years ago: "I saw Mr. Zhang Da Qian’s work in Great New Company Gallery. For the thoughts of being dumped, Meng and worship. Four years later, Wang Yaimuchen, Shanghai, China Mr. Zhang Daqiao, she privately went to Wang Shi to send him a wish, Wang Shi immediately responded, and asked.

According to the big fortification of the big fortune, in the arrangement of Mr. Qian, Mr. Chen Dexing, please ask the garden chef to burn fish winged, punch, ink, in the atmosphere in Li Qiujun, red candle and red bolding table, I and the inner people Li Wei, such as the double two-dimensional Mr. Shantou, the tradition is a tradition. "It is said that Fu Wenyan won the Jigui Jia Xi, and every time Zhang Da Qi to Shanghai will gather with him, will be completed, and give him copy, the painting industry is also growing. After the victory of the war, Zhang Daqian Longju Shanghai, Fu Wenyan Daily visit, witnessed that the boutique is not more than 500.

Among the early disciples of the Great San Tang, Fu Wenyan is the most important thing, and you can wait in the teacher’s interior to watch the heavy treasure "Han Xi Night Banquet" and "Dong Yuan Xiaoxiang Map". At the beginning of 1949, Zhang Daqiu left Shanghai, and Zhaofu, Zhaofei, and Zhou Zi Zhou, will be engraved with Tao Shoujie "Daban Tongmen Conference" seals and "Daban Tongmen Record", but did not expect to be part of this teacher. Fu Wenyan is listed in the 1947 version of "Art Yearbook". After 1949, he served as a middle school language in Shanghai, a picture teacher, which was invited to teach art in Shanghai Drama Academy in 1962 and reform and opening up as a Shanghai Wenxi Hall.

After moving to San Francisco, San Francisco, named "settling", which dedicates thousands of hostels in California, California.

(Li Rong).