"Border defense is far, the defense is very close"

Original title: "The border defense is very far, the defense is very close" September, the cold wind like a knife, the new snow has arrived.

In a group meeting in the Xinjiang Military Region, a video connection leaping thousands of kilometers is in progress, and the air is warmer in the air. "Border defense is very far, the defense is very close.

I hope that you will cherish the time, thrive, and serve the motherland. "The two ends of the screen are the second primary school students in the Xinjiang Military Region and the second primary school students in Huazhong Road, Anhui Province. The story of the border of the 5300 meters above sea level, the officers and men said that the students heard the motion.

"After growing up, I want to guard the mountain river in the motherland like you.

"The sixth grade student Yu Lin held Kunlun stone, emotionally said. This video is derived. At the beginning of this year, the mainstream media such as" Liberation Army News "has focused on the new era of the hero group of the hero group, Huazhong As a national defense education characteristic demonstration school, timely organized the "paying attention to the hero of the hero, inheriting the heroic spirit", guiding students to learn heroic deeds, thick home national love. "Chen Xiang also is ’00 after", when sacrificed than me Big 7 years old.

He wrote the ‘clear love, only for China’, especially touching. "The heroes of the Wei Guo, leaving a deep brand in this group of students. Many students hope to write tribute to the officials of the officials, and they still want to see" The Great Plateen Officers "through the video.

"Introducing the heroes of the Wei Guo, and sending students to the servant of the officers and soldiers. It is to guide students to draw spiritual power from the border guards. They plant patriotism in their hearts, and the seeds of the country.

"In August this year, the principal of this primary school Li Zhuo Linked to a group of officers and men who were stationed in the snowy plateau.

From Anqing to the front line, more than 100 letters sent by this group of primary school students have been transferred more than 10 days, and they have been transferred to the officials of the group. In the envelope, there are beautiful postcards, touching letters, and pictures and graphic watercolors.

A letter is warm and warm in the plateau.

The officers and men of the group have trust, and some also recorded a video to tell the student’s story, some will write the "big rivers and mountains do not let" the words of Kunlun stone gift students, encourage them to study, and serve the country.

"Tianzhu Mountain, Vibrant Tower … Postcard is our Anqing’s tourist attraction, you have the opportunity to come to visit." "When you feel cold, don’t forget that in the distant Anqing, and we will cheer for you!" "Someone reunion is because someone guards the group.

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, thank you for your guardianship.

"Video connection site, the officers and men deeply read the letter, sharing the feelings of the heart with students. On the other end of the screen, the students hit the officials and reply sent by the officers and soldiers, very happy." That is to patrol at 5700 meters above sea level The stone, which painted the scene we gods ‘good Shanpo’.

"The group’s four-level sergeant Gao Kaihua introduced. The original song" Kunlun Bilong "played by Dattelling Zhuobai attracted the applause of the students.

A touching face, a touching story, a vivid picture, let the students "close" feel the life of the master of the plateau.

"I and my motherland, I can’t divide …" In the melodious song, the group and Hua Zhong Road Second Primary School joint initiative: long-term construction activities, and jointly strengthen national defense education.

Dedicated to the "cute people" to "the most lovely people", gave the blessings of the plateau to the future of the motherland, "this video connection will be the heart of the officers and small teenagers, tightly.

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