Zheng Puang New District multi-measures coordinated to do a good job in resettlement room

Original title: Expections of the Registration Board Multifiance Coordination Well-to-resettlement Housing Office Work Baiqiao Street Community Old Street Demolition Project Originally placed in Baiqiao Street Community, after adjusting the place to Tianrun Hong Kong, therefore involved in second-hand housing office Tax problem. In order to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the project, resolve unnecessary contradictions, Zheng Puang New District New District Regional Regional Expections Coordinates to Do a Good Job in Demolition of the Project Resettlement Housing Office. Strengthen the coordination of the department and do one-stop. In view of the urgent needs of the demolition households, the person in charge of the new district will hold a special meeting, strengthen the front-end communication, adhere to one-stop service, and determine the consolidation of the management bureau, the Jianotian Company, the tax, and the real estate and other departments have set up the window to carry out real estate. Certificate of handling, establish a seamless contact linkage of the resettlement room. Concentrate all the strength and improve the satisfaction of the masses. For the convenience and quickly help the demolition households, the resettlement house is not affected, run less "路", reducing the problems encountered by the certificate, the new district Exchange Management Bureau also communicates and coordinated with relevant departments, and rational planning. Baiqiao Street Community is responsible for publicity notice, making the residents to know the relevant information and procedures in advance; the contract is not perfect, the Excursive Bureau arranges a special person to check the recruitment files retained by this department. After verifying the relevant situation, help the demolition households Need materials to ensure that the real estate license is compliant according to law. Implement propaganda, handling, human material polymerization, let the masses do one, do a good job, make great convenience, strive to solve the problem of the masses, and constantly improve the satisfaction of the masses.

  Adhere to the people’s service, optimize the license process. The Exquisite Management Bureau communicates coordination with the tax department, in accordance with the principle of truth from facts, the normal resettlement certificate is required to pass the second-hand housing, and the time will be returned. burden. Residents, Xin’an, the New District Expections Department is the center of the people, the urgency of the people, solve the people’s trapped, and the resettlement house can be used as one of the daily key work, and the hard work is strong. Reality. At present, Baiqiao Street Community Old Street Reconstruction Project has handled 25 households 40 sets of immortal certificates, and the remaining several household certificates are in order to advance.

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