With the inspecting and promote the rule of law government construction short board

Original title: With the supervision and promotion of the rule of law government construction, the short board is unified in accordance with the central government, and October 12th to 19th, the central government will enter the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to carry out field inspections in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. In a week, the supervisory team leader, the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee, Liu Yiting, member of the Agriculture and Rural Commission, led into the Guyuan City, Zhongwei City, Yinchuan City, and some counties and districts of the management, and conscientiously launched interviews. , Write reports, collect cases, carding issues, etc., high quality complete inspector tasks.

Conversation of the "Key Specific" "Helan County Party Committee, the government launched what work in learning and promoting the practice of Xi Jinping’s rule of law?" "" "Party Committee, Government to implement the new ‘one planning two" how to deploy? " "Do you think Helan County also exhibits which short boards and weaknesses in the rule of law government?" On October 17, the deputy head of the inspectors, Xu Zhixun, deputy director of the Administrative Law Enforcement and Regulatory Monitoring Bureau, came to Helan County. Inspector, specializing with the Helan County Party Committee, the county government is responsible for comrades, as well as the responsible comrades of the government construction of the rule of law. Individual conversations with the main leaders of the inspecting land is the regulations of the inspector. For a week, the inspectors of the Autonomous Region relate to the Governments of the Autonomous Region, the main responsible comrades, the city, county party committee governments, mainly responsible for the rules of the rule of law (city, county), partitioning government work responsible, organizational department, propaganda department, political and legal The responsible comrades of the commissions, courts, procuratorates, public security and other departments conducted individual conversations. It is mainly to understand the learning collar Xi Jinping’s legal thoughts, consciously implement the responsibility of the rule of law, implement the key tasks of the rule of law, and promote the resolution of the rule of law construction and the overall situation of the local rule of law government. Since 2020, the Ningxia Party Committee, the Government held a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, 19 government executive meetings, held 3 rule of law government special lectures, and learned to learn from the rule of law of the rule of law, study and deploy the implementation, profoundly understand the spiritual essence, fully grasp the spiritual essence Further clarity, the political direction, important position and strategic focus of comprehensive and strategic focus. At the same time, combine the promotion of the law of the rule of law with the law education, incorporating the party committees (Party group) theoretical learning center groups, incorporating cadres and education.

Since last year, the entire district held 3 cadres training courses or above the county department, and more than 1,000 fields of preaching activities were more than 1,000, and the number of participants was nearly 500,000. Field inspections found that the highlights of work October 13th to 15th, the inspectors came to Guyuan City.

In the two days, the inspectoric team conversed with the main leaders of Guyuan City, visiting relevant documents, visiting Guyuan Municipal Land Hall, Public Legal Service Center, in-depth private enterprises and communities, communicating with the company’s heads and the masses.

Also sinking to Yuanzhou District, Guyuan City, Xiji County, Pengyang County supervisors. On October 13, the inspectors first came to Guyuan Municipal Hall to visit. , A window, one network ‘has no difference closed-loop approval, with’ a piece of seal management approval ‘for breakthrough, and implements the reform of relative centralized administrative examination and approval system.

"Introduction to the person in charge of the Guyuan City Approval Service Administration," At present, the 1119 government service issues for all applications for Guyuan City will be accepted, and the application standards provide online check, scanning code, and enterprise people declare Running department unit. "At the same time, the inspectors also take the way they don’t say greetings, do not accompany the staff, and go to the enterprise and community.

In Pengyang County Yun Mountain Fruit Development Co., Ltd., the reporter saw in the company’s poverty alleviation workshop, five or six workers are busy packaging fruit.

The general manager of the company, introduced that the company’s annual income of 19 million yuan, can digest the local fresh fruit, and absorbed the local construction of the local fileholders, the per capita monthly salary is around 3,000 yuan.

Through visit, the reporter learned that Pengyang County has driven local farmers to get rid of poverty alleviation. In recent years, from loans, science and technology, project support, etc., the company will support the company. Tsi Pei told reporters that the county must take 200 million yuan to support non-public enterprises every year, and it is very standardized in project investment.

Recently, the company supported two cold-chain transport vehicles through projects, and subsidized 80,000 yuan per vehicle.

However, the subsidy is divided into 3 times. The first time is the car to buy, distributed, the second is 3 months, holding the relevant credentials to prove that the cold chain car is indeed practical, only the second subsidy . The 3rd issue is a year later, there is a result of some enterprises to take advantage of the behavior of national funds.

Through the inspector, the underground inspector of the grassroots short board was found, and the inspectors of the Inspector team found many problems.

On October 12, the member of the inspecting group was found in the Autonomous Region to find that the "Regulations on the Administration of Medical Security Fund" has passed the 117th executive meeting of the State Council on December 9, 202, and published on January 5 this year, from 2021 It will be implemented on May 1.

The Regulations details the supervision responsibilities of the people’s governments above the county level. Ningxia Medical Insurance Bureau website shows that on June 2 this year, the bureau announced the notice on the issuance of the "2021 government construction and government construction and law administration and law according to the law in accordance with the law of law in the Autonomous Region", and inform the second point of "Enhanced System Construction." Sixth point in the Quality and Improvement of Administrative System System, implement the dynamic management system of the entry of the account, to cancel the implementation and conversion of the higher level, adjust the implementation of administrative examination and approval, according to laws and regulations, institutional and function adjustment Wait, make dynamic adjustments to the emphasis and announce the adjustment results.

But in fact, the "Regulations" have been officially implemented for 5 months, but the list of the exchanges provided by the Ningxia Medical Insurance Bureau is also revised in 2019, directly leading to the list of the rules and responsibilities of the city and county medical insurance bureau without dynamic update. On October 13, the inspectoric team touched a clue when visiting the document in Guyuan City: Guyuan City Administrative Organs The main person in charge of the court rate ranked in the five cities in the whole district.

Subsequently, the inspectors came to the investigation of Yuanzhou District Court, Guyuan City (under the implementation of administrative cases, the original Juanzhou District Court concentrated on the administrative cases of Wuyuan County, Pengyang County and the original state). Data show that 2018 to 2020, the head of the administrative organs of the two counties and one district, 33%, 41%, respectively. The phenomenon of "not seeing the official" in the administrative lawsuit is more common. In the proceduction process, the administrative organ does not appeal, does not answer, no proven, do not appear, do not perform the "five do not" phenomenon, leading to the opposition to the people’s long-term petition, individual cases can’t truly "the case" .

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