Tongling City Home Expo has successfully ended sales exceed 50 million yuan

Tongling News Net News (Reporter Chen Yanfei) November 14th, the 4-day Tongling City Home Expo ended.

According to statistics, there are more than 60,000 people in the exhibition. The cumulative sales in the online line exceeded 50 million yuan, and the order of intended orders reached 20 million yuan.

On November 11, Tongling City Home Expo kicked off at Wanda Square. On the first day, consumers squeeze all exhibition areas, one piece of discount explosion products attract consumers to stop watching.

The home fair was hosted by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, Municipal Market Supervision Administration, Municipal Agricultural Rural Areas and Tongling Daily, Municipal Trade Association and the Municipal Real Estate Industry Association. As an important part of 2021 "Wanmei Consumption and Enjoy Tongling" series of consumption promotion activities, this home fair is an important measure in the city to expand consumption, release potential and economic development.

Home Bohui offline activities, Wanda and Baidu Decoration Life Museum, there are more than 70 exhibitors, there is a Tongling Autumn Real Estate Display Fair, Home Improvement Home Exhibition, Autumn Auto Show, Township Jinqiu Show Sales and Network Shopping A series of topics activities.

More than 100 kinds of products have been rich and diverse, attracting tens of thousands of consumers online, building the "win-win platform" of the exhibition shopping, effectively promoted the development of the service industry in Tongling.