The daily excellent income of $ 2.12 billion in the third quarter increased by 47.2% year-on-year.

The third quarter results report on September 30, 2021 were announced daily, and the data showed that the daily fresh income increased by 100 million yuan, more than 45% growth rate.

The gross profit margin increases from a percentage point to%, exceeding the upper limit of the upper limit of the annual increase.

The net loss under the US accounting is reduced by 39% from the third quarter, and the net loss rate under the US accounting standard is narrowed by a percentage point. Talking about the performance of the three quarters, the daily planner, Chairman and CEO Xu Zheng said that the strong growth in the third quarter reflects the processes of digitally accelerated development in China’s community retail market, we can continue our business model success.

We continue to focus on high-value users, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, we insist on deepening cooperation with upstream supply chain and branders, providing higher quality goods and services, thus continuously optimizing user experience, achieving high quality, sustainable Growth and is always in the leading edge of the competition.

With the further expansion of daily graceful core competence, we look forward to technology driver, providing consumers with more rapid, convenient, safe, reliable fresh fast shopping experience, and multi-business strategy, in the future to achieve acceleration growth in the future .

[Source: TechWeb] [Author: Old 喵] Responsible Editor: kJ005.