Outdoor billboards become a "timed bomb", "Flying to the disaster" coming from time to time! "Safety Screw" to tighten

Large outdoor advertisements lack safety certification, becoming a timed bomb hanging on the top; store signing only with glue, flying from time to time; outdoor advertising sign long is in an ignorant state, zombie signage hidden danger to highlight & hellip; & hellip; according to half a month, In recent years, some cities outdoor advertising signage safety accidents have frequent, and the advertising signage setting chaos has become a urban public safety. Industry instructor suggests that the problem of cracked the safety governance of advertising should improve relevant management specifications and special plans as soon as possible, enhance the level of urban refined management, and jointly protect the safety of people. Direct reasons for outdoor billboard accidents, some are lack of effective fixation, some are endlessly lost, and some materials are unqualified, and the facility structure is irregular. In fact, the disaster has a deep reason, which is necessary to deeper from the perspective of urban management, and will be taken from the establishment to maintenance to remove all aspects. At the establishment of outdoor billboards, there should be a sound management specification, and the relevant departments should be more strictly approved. Since September 1 this year, "Beijing Outdoor Advertising Facilities, Plate Odment and Slogan Propaganda Set Management Regulations" is required to require safety impact assessments before the setting of facilities, prevent outdoor billboards and other safety accidents. . Only beforehand evaluation can be made to make the location, structure, volume, etc. of the advertising cards that do not meet the regulations. Approval and regulatory work seamlessly can thoroughly change the overall situation of the trial.

If the outdoor billboard is completed, the acceptance is unqualified, and the rectification should be urged in a timely manner, and the billboard will be put into use by strict acceptance.

In the maintenance link, the urban management department should always tighten the string of safe, investigate the various safety hazards should be improved, at least one year, can not go through the field, can prevent it to prevent it. With strict regulation, timely investigation and maintenance, the zombie signature without the main status will not hang in people’s heads; unlicensed billboards are also difficult to take.

It is imminent that the safety awareness of increasing the business main body is also imminent.

While strengthening law enforcement, the supervision department cannot neglect or weaken the legal publicity, but also strengthen the industry’s independent constraints and rectification, so that the operators consciously abide by the regulations, tighten the safety screws of outdoor billboards.

Outdoor advertising, reflecting a city’s business atmosphere, also reflecting the capacity of urban planning management. Only in the premise of institutionalization, legalization, refinement, the relevant management departments are multi-pronged, and they can collaborate to make outdoor advertising increasingly entering the right-track, brightness, and beautifying a vibrant modern city.

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