Port Guigang City, North accelerate the revitalization of rural job creation with a demonstration

North Genzhu into the harbor town of Guigang rural revitalization of the demonstration zone, the eye is one of the busy construction scene, one after another, not far from unique style farmhouse nestled in the green leaves, micro-gardens around their houses, micro orchards, vegetable gardens micro up more gradually, forming a picture of harmony beautiful new picture.

"Thanks to the creation of rural revitalization of the demonstration zone, has been converted to enhance the overall image of the demonstration zone, living conditions improved, people smile too much.

"The town Si Man Village Party branch secretary, village committee director Wu Zhifei joyfully breakdown of changes in the village.

This year, the town of a bamboo stick to lead the party building, closely linked to "industrial prosperity, livable, civilization, effective governance, a better life," the general requirements, and do practical things for the masses as the purpose, and vigorously promote the revitalization of rural job creation with a demonstration , has completed the demolition of houses 167, 107 facade renovation, built a small hospital characteristics (B & B) 4, 137 nodes full construction and achieved initial results, and strive to create a set of cultural and creative education, art exhibitions, restaurants recreation, rural governance diverse formats in one of the new rural demonstration zone. Build strong organizations, play a fighting force.

Genzhu around town to play a role in the revitalization of rural party organizations in rural revitalization of the demonstration zone since the formation of branch operations, will flag inserted in the revitalization of rural first-line, mobile branch around the central task, a major task action to adhere to the "edge learning, side action "to promote organizational life with branch operations carried out simultaneously, synchronous implementation, promote the revitalization of rural grassroots party building and the depth of integration, focus on the Xinmin village Jixiangtun demonstration zone, Dong Si Man village Evergreen village, playing a bamboo village kaolinite Tun Tun branch level demonstration sites, leading to further play a role in party organizations, by conducting Touyan pilot, secretary of the implementation of the project, Touyan auditorium, and insisted on the "three with three demonstration": with a party secretary, to do demonstrations on setting an example; model with party members, do play a role in the demonstration; a model with the masses and do in sharing the demonstration. Build strong teams, play a vanguard and exemplary role.

Genzhu deepen the harbor town of North "six" working method to implement the revitalization of rural party building to lead the "six action", focusing built with pioneer demonstration team, the town, village, Tuen three party members and cadres integrated force, "town command Department + + Tun village vanguard Steering group "model, highlighting the concept of party members for the tangible things, carry out the" rectification living environment, build a beautiful countryside "" I take the lead in environmental remediation "theme activities, led by the rural party members and cadres to return home, enterprise and enthusiastic masses to build a happy home clean and tidy.

Regularly organized by the Village Council, retired party members, old teachers and other groups to go out exchange of learning, improve team horizons, explore new ideas, to enhance the revitalization of rural first-line party members and cadres and the overall level of fighting.

Stimulate energy, mass participation play a role.

Genzhu town carry out "thousands of cadres to lead the masses back home was built home" "Thousands of enterprises with thousands of villages to build a new countryside" campaign to attract and unite all parties to support the revitalization of rural work, a total of 682 people conducted seminars, business and accumulated masses donated money and materials more than 350 million rural people involved in the revitalization of the construction of more than 2,500 people, through the establishment of rural revitalization of the civilized practice of love supermarket in the revitalization of the rural point of the demonstration zone, the people involved in the revitalization of rural to put labor, actively participate in the "learning power" and so points can be recorded, accumulated to a certain fraction can be exchanged for the corresponding gift, a move greatly mobilized the masses to participate in the enthusiasm and initiative to revitalize the countryside, continue to inspire the masses internal driving force, enhance the quality of people’s spiritual civilization.

(L Li Hua Wang Yong Luo Wei Qian) (Editor: Wang Yong, Huang Yumei) share to allow more people to see.