"Net Network · Qinghai 2021" network ecological governance special action started

Qinghai Provincial Party Network Network will make the special action as a basic, long-term task of comprehensive management, and give full play to overall coordination, strengthen responsibilities, mainly from the dissemination of content, dissemination, spread audience, communication main body and Other five aspects of various special governance action, divided into four stages of the provincial public security department, etc. Network ecological management; and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, consolidate the responsibility of website platform, establish and improve the long-term governance mechanism, prevent and combat all kinds of online illegal and bad information, making the network space more clear. At the same time, welcome the participation of netizens and all sectors from all walks of life, actively reporting, providing clues, Qinghai Provincial Party Net Letter Office will regulate all kinds of clues to verify and build a healthy and clear network environment according to law. Qinghai Province Internet illegal and bad information reporting center website: https: /// h5 / = wechat (Qinghai Net Trust Office)