泾 源: Water equity decoration loan "capital" moisturizing industry development

On December 9, Ningxia Bank Wuyuan Branch was pledged to the "Water Right Card", and the loan to the Jincun Breeding Professional Cooperative of Xingsheng Township in Wuyuan County, marking the official launch of the local water supply rights and financing business, giving resource finance attributes , Enrich the loan guarantee method, solve the problem of corporate financing, and inject financial live water to the industrial development.

"Plan to use this loan to buy beef cattle and feed to expand the scale of breeding.

"The person in charge of the cooperative said.

Lowerjin Village Beef Niu Breeding Professional Cooperatives for 210 meat cattle, has been loan more than 2 million yuan, this year, due to rising forage prices, it is necessary to have a certain pressure.

So, for the declaration of water rights, apply for loans to the bank to expand the regeneration and get bank support. The People’s Bank of China, Wuyuan County Branch, guided the financial institutions in the jurisdiction, and lack of other effective cruticated deposits for obtaining water rights permits, and determining the company’s water rights and pledge loans, and the county financial institutions handled short-term liquidity for enterprises. Loan, in order to better help companies broaden their financing channels, enhance the company’s water-saving consciousness, and help enterprises. "Ningxia Bank Wuyuan Branch is pledged with water rights, and is issued for the meat cow farming. Exploration, further improving the efficiency of the use of county resources, and also helps financial institutions to open up new business areas, optimize credit asset structure, and enhance sustainable development capabilities.

"The People’s Bank of China, Wuyuan County Branch, is introduced.

Wuyuan County is located in the hinterland of the six-plate mountain, and the water resources are abundant, and it is an important source of water in the river basin.

Since November 16th, the first "Water Qigrant Certificate" since the region, the People’s Bank of China Guyuan City Center Branch guided the financial institutions in the jurisdiction of financial institutions to use water rights financing services, and give full play to the price discovery and resource allocation function of finance, create water The right to discharge loan products, promote green financial support physical development, and better help rural revitalization strategies.

"Water users use water-honored certificates as pledges to loans in financial institutions, strongly financial capital, providing powerful financial support for rural rejuvenation.

"People’s Bank of China Guyuan City Center Sub-Sub-headed President Liang Fei said that by introducing bank credit funds into the water rights trading market, opening the connection channel of financial resources and environmental resources, imparts the use of water rights financial functions, and improving the quality of water.

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