Wuhan Wuchang District Food Road: Fire safety drill into the decoration market

"Prevention of fire is a major event of life, winter is here, to make these hard knowledge to ensure everyone’s lives." On December 9, Wuhan Fin Road Street fire education and drills entered the IKEA decoration square, There are more than 50 people in the community resident representatives, shop representatives, sinking units and property companies.

Winter dry, dry, for the high season of fire, many shops in the Jurisdiction of the Food Road, are particularly important in fire fighting and emergency evacuation. In order to build a fire safety guarantee "firewall", this activity will fully combine the theoretical knowledge and practice, and promote the two aspects of education and field drills.

The fire department professionals pay for fire prevention, precautions in fire prevention, fire extinguisher and firefield escape self-rescue process, and how to timely alarm after the fire, the correct way to extinguish the initial fire is detailed. Through the fire escape drill, simulate the real fire environment, shops and resident delegates with wet towels, bending the waist, with the unordance to evacuation from "fire" under the guidance of the staff. After the end of the escape drill, under the guidance of a professional teacher, all residents, shop representatives and units, the property company represents the operation method of the fire extinguisher before the order, on the spot. The fire drill training made abstract fire safety knowledge into specific operational practice, and has accumulated rich experience in fire fighting, and popularized fire safety knowledge and improved everyone’s self-help.

The relevant person in charge of the Food Sub-district Office said it will regularly carry out fire drill activities, improve the ability of the management of merchants, enterprises, and residents to deal with risk, lay a solid foundation for maintaining a good fire safety environment in the jurisdiction, and promoting the construction of Ping An Community, build safety. Harmony, stable business and living environment. (Text / Map Wang Xiaoyu) (Editor: Zhang Wei, Rongfangming) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.