Practice your eyes! 60 second "flash" reading the highest law 2018 work report

  On the afternoon of March 9, Zhou Qiang, the President of the Supreme People’s Court, reported to the first meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress, and the report reviewed the profound changes and achievements of the work of the people’s courts in the past five years. At the same time, it is also recommended for 2018.

On March 9th, the 13th National People’s Congress held a second plenary meeting at the Beijing Great Hall of the People.

Supreme People’s Court Dean Zhou Qiang as the Supreme People’s Court Work Report.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Hao first to see what "throwing the sound" in the report: – Severely punish crimes against national security, violent terrorism – severely punish corruption bribery – severely crack down on black and evil forces – severely punish children Right and interests – Punishment of food and drug safety, pollution environmental crime – resolutely correct and prevent false mistakes – Improve human rights judicial security measures – standardize and reduce sentence, hobs, temporarily carry out foreign implementation work – to prevent resolution of financial risks – Strengthening the judicial protection of property rights – Properly tried the case of people-related students – maintain harmony and stability of marriage and family – properly resolve administrative disputes – work hard to facilitate the mass lawsuit – promote the formation of comprehensive management implementation difficulties – strong implementation of joint credit discipline – Deepen the reform of the judicial system – in-depth promotion of the construction of the smart court – resolutely punish the judicial corruption in zero tolerance – consciously accept the full text of the supervision, and the report has a total of more than 130 numbers. Among them, these numbers are mostly in the masses "Party": From 2013 to 2017, the Supreme People’s Court accepted 82,383 cases, and 79,692 were reviewed, and% and% increased than the previous five years.

  2013-2017, the people’s courts at all levels accepted a case of 10,000, concluded, crossed 10,000 yuan, and the amount of junction was quarriated, and the%,%, and% were uploaded. In addition, – formulating 119 judicial explanations, issuing 80 guidance cases – a case of 10,000 people in the case of corruption bribery, 101 cadres at the former ministries, 810 people in the Office of the Office of the Office – aware of women and children 4685 cases – a case-review of pollution environment – reviewing the telecommunications network fraud case – another 6747 cases, correction of 39 pieces of major mistakes, 48 ??people – pair of defendants of 2943 public prosecutions, 1931 private prosecution The defendant declares not guilty – 3,152,527 appraisers, issued Judicial rescue fund billion – issued to strengthen the judicial protection of property rights, 17 opinions – for migrant workers, "hard-earned money" billion – full implementation against domestic violence Law, send a personal safety protection order 2154 – Disciplinary "Lao Lai", limit thousands of people to purchase tickets, take the train and high-speed rail – 18 led reform tasks have been completed, 65 reform measures are fully launched – select 120,138 In the judge report, some cases were selected for five years.

For example: Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Guo Bo Xiong, Order Plan, Su Rong and other cases, Tiananmen "10 · 28", Kunming "3 · 01", Liu Han Liu Wei case, "fast broadcast" case, Xu Yuyu case, "e rent treasure "Case, Zhang Wenzhong case, etc., Jordan commercial standard, Tengger desert pollution series, in the hosted case, violate the" Wolf tooth Husband "reputation case," Hong Pong No. 1 "Yang Xiuzhu case, Hagge Jiller Major mistakes such as pattern, Nie Shubin cases. In 2018, how people work work? · In-depth study and implementation of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics and punish crimes in the new era of Xi Jinping, and fully safeguard national security and social stability · According to the various cases of economic field, and create a good rule of law environment for economic high-quality development. · Adhere to the judiciary The legal rights and interests of the people · Deepen the judicial system reform, improve the socialist judicial system of Chinese characteristics · Continue to deepen judicial disclosure, speed up the construction of smart courts, build a hard force, to ensure that fair integrity justice is worth noting, regardless of the report content, form, the people The court "strives to make the people feel fair and just" in every judicial case. Guangming.com’s production supervision: Zhang Ning, Liao Hui co-fisherman case: Sun Mandao, Li Fangzhou Visual Design, Animation: Wang Yuanyuan.