Russia is a high quality recruitment

The Russian soldier waited for the vocational psychological test according to the Russian "News" report, at present, Russian autumn conscription work is in order. In this recruitment season, the Russian Defense Office officially adopted a career psychological selection system, and the effective screening of people with anti-social tendency and extremeist thinking, thereby effectively improving the quality of soldiers.

During the spring of this year, the Russian Ministry of National Defense began testing the career psychological selection system.

According to the Movement Bureau of the Standards of the Russian Staff, Ye Genni Burkinski, the system successfully found that nearly 2000 marketers had a sign of behavioral behavior and was rejected.

In 2019, the Russian Ministry of Defense began to prepare professional selection test questions, with this assessment of military service or command talent. The test results are divided into three categories, and the first category is suitable for direct participation in combat operations in the airborne troops, special forces; second types of command talent, can serve as important commandments; third categories can be used as technical experts, Engineers, staff and logistics officers and other jobs.

This set of tests was posted on the Russian Defense Open, only the military officers of the corresponding positions have the right to register. Fraislav Schles, Russian Military Expert, said that before, you should generally do not conduct professional psychological tests, only related tests on the application of the strategic missile unit.

This has led to many admittors to enter the force, due to the tragic consequences of psychological problems.

Now, the military service bureau carries out professional psychological tests, which can be threatened in the early days.

In addition to timely find that it is not suitable for service, it can also revisit military professional choice of applicants. Since this year, the Russian military tried to take a variety of new techniques to collect high-quality contractors.

According to reports, the Russian Central Military Region used a virtual reality glasses for the contractor for the first time in the Russian Central Military Region. Applicants pass virtual reality glasses, experience as a rifle, machine gunner, rocketcher, tank driver and car head, and the true situation of chemical scout. Raise soldiers determined whether the applicant has qualifications to engage in a certain industry, making the decision to make an admission. According to reports, with this virtual reality glasses, the Central Military Region will choose 12 contractual tanks for a few days. Central Military Region experts also use BOS-TEST research methods for the first time, testing the self-regulatory energy of the applicant in tension. That is, the heart rate sensor is installed on the subject arm, which requires the consumer to control the virtual role while maintaining heart rate stability. According to the comprehensive reaction of the applicant, the soldiers combined with other factors, assessing their career orientation, making it decision to receive their arms or can engage in certain military professionals. (Li Zi) (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.