[Nesterday world] 40 countries infected new crown virus global epidemic prevention and control cooperation

In Italy, the data is still increasing – from 27:00 on February 25th, Italy has confirmed the infection of new championships, 11 people die.

This is the most serious area outside the Asian epidemic, and the Lombardou District in northern Italy has become an epidemic center of Europe. This country, a new crown pneumonia, a case of new crown pneumonia, which was only a few days ago, and the spread of the epidemic in just a few days agreed. The dead sheep, fortunately, the first time of the epidemic enliers, the Italian government officially blocks more than 10 urban tract infections, suspend traffic lines, suspension of suspension of suspension, for non-compliance with the epidemic sealing controller, will be based on the law Imprisonment in a fine and 3 months

Under the temperature rise, Serie A event is postponed, the Venice Carnival is called the first time in modern history, 850 cinemas closed, exhibition halls, museums, theater, theater all closed, bar and disco ballrooms, etc. also closely close or implement curfew. Under the epidemic, the Italian government actions rapidly, and many public activities were returned to zero. As early as January 31, Italian Prime Minister Kongt announced that it is a six-month "emergency state" in Italy, shutting down China flight, canceling all Chinese citizen visas.

However, in the announcement of the emergency state, the Italian people have not taken the case for the early cases of diagnosis. Today, in the epidemic, walk in the streets of Rome, can’t see the people wearing masks, people will meet, social, walk around, bars, restaurants are still suffering.

As the diagnosed number is rushing, Italy from north to south, the people are slowly caught in panic.

Medical materials and life essentials such as masks, disinfectants are becoming more and more tight.

In the supermarket in some areas, the alcohol and disinfecting liquid used to sterilize sterilization have long been sold.

Regarding the report of the epidemic, it has occupied most of the main sectors, layouts, and time periods of most mainstream media. Undoubtedly, the "epidemic" will become the main work and life of the government and the people for a long time in Italy.

The lip is cold, and the epidemic that is tight, it has become a timed bomb in Europe, which may cause all Europe to fall into a dilemma, bordering Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia neighboring countries. Kongt said that there is no need to stop the Schengen Treaty, there is no need to close the national boundaries to prevent and control the epidemic, and remind the people not too panic. The United States "New York Times" analysis, the unusual overseas virus quietly crossing the European borders, undoubtedly brought new potential problems to the EU members.

If the spread of the epidemic will seriously test the basic principles of most of the borders of European countries, and also test the European public health system that has a reputation but issues, especially some countries that are saving expenses.

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