What are the conditions for school training to meet?Ministry of Education

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued the "Administrative Measures (Trial)" (Trial) "(Trial)" (Trial) "(Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "Administrative Measures"), the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of EducationThe Administrative Measures Issued Question.Answer: School Training is the supplement of school education, and the school training institutions should also assume the comprehensive implementation of the party’s educational policy, implement the fundamental tasks of the Lord Tree people to ensure that the overall quality of the school training institutions is critical.

"The Office of the Office of the Office of the Central Committee of the Central Committee on Further Reducing the Concerns of Students’ Workload and Campus of Compulsory Education" is issued, and there are active promotion, and as the school training institutions have been continuously in-depth, urgently need to work for school training institutions. The recruitment of the recruitment, dismissal, inspection and supervision, etc., and provides policy basis for strengthening the management of off-campus training institutions.

To this end, we studied drafting "management measures".

A: According to the spirit and requirements of "Double Reduction" documents, we will organize strength to draft, refer to the relevant laws and regulations and other industry practitioners management methods, and learn from the public and secondary school teachers’ management and equipped policies to form a documentation. First, seek expert advice on curriculum textbooks, teacher qualifications, private education, school education, and improve the main content and policies; the second is to solicit provincial, land-level, county-level education administration, primary and secondary schools, school education Training institutions and other relevant perspectives, revise the major policy points and landing measures; third is to solicit the opinions of the relevant ministries and revise the entire document.

A: Practitioners refer to staff in institutions in advanced school training in primary and second-year-old schools, including: teaching staff, teachers and other personnel. Among them, the teaching staff refers to the personnel who undertake training, and the teaching and research personnel refers to the personnel of training research; assistants such as teaching assistants are managed in accordance with other personnel.

This method is applicable to recruiting people with Chinese nationality, and foreign personnel should comply with relevant national regulations. A: Unlike the general industry, the service object of the pro personnel of the school training institution is primary and secondary school students and young children, from the perspective of Lid Tree, the perspective of the staff, and the agency should strictly grasp the employer standard. In order to meet the following requirements: First, the ideological politics must pass, adhere to the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and the socialist system of the Chinese Characteristics, and fully implement the party’s educational policy, implement Li Dehu The fundamental task; second, the law-abiding consciousness must pass, the patriotic law, abide by the principle of the constitution, abide by laws and regulations, perform various responsibilities according to law; three is the moral behavior must pass, have good ideological and professional ethics, manage civilization, care for students , Teaching, teaching and research personnel should also be a teacher’s watch, dedication; four is professional ability to pass, teaching, teaching and research personnel should be familiar with education teaching laws and students’ physical and mental development characteristics, engaged in the management training of subject matter management must have corresponding teacher qualification certificates, engage According to non-discipline management training, it must have a corresponding occupational (professional) ability certificate; the five is to pass the professional identity, requiring practitioners to be in primary and secondary schools, kindergarten in-service teachers.

A: The school training agency shall formulate, perform, change, relieve or terminate labor contracts in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China. The following links and requirements should also be in accordance with the following sections: The agency should sign a written labor contract, clear work content, work place, working hours, job responsibilities, labor contract, labor compensation, social insurance, assessment method, etc. It should be carried out in a job training; Other employees should be publicized within the organization; the five must be reasonable, and the agency’s full-time teaching, the teaching and research staff is not less than 50% of the total number of institutional employees; for primary and secondary school students, three years old or higher learning age children’s line Training, each shrouded a full-time teaching personnel is not less than 2% of the number of students, no less than 6% of the number of children.

A: The school training agency practitioners are engaged in educating people. In addition to their positive specification requirements, they must have an prohibition requirement.

The "Management Measures" delineates the behavior of practitioners, "Hong Line", "Damage to the Party Central Authority, Violation of Party Policy", "damages the national interest, seriously damage the public interest of social public, or seriously violating social public order" In 11 cases, the training institution should be in accordance with the law to unite the labor contract and update the person information in the national unified supervision platform. If the circumstances are serious, after investigation, after review, it will be included in the "blacklist" of the "off-campus training institutions" in the national unified regulatory platform. The "Administrative Measures" specializes in the production prohibition conditions, the institutions must not use the following two types of personnel: inclusion in the "blacklist of the proceeded personnel of the school training institution", which is deprived of political rights or intentional crimes by a criminal punishment of more than scheduled imprisonment.

A: According to the requirements of the "Double Reduction" document, the relevant departments should be responsible in accordance with their respective responsibilities, do a good job, form a synergy, and strengthen the daily supervision of the school training institution. The education administrative department or the corresponding competent department shall openly supervise the administration of the human resources and social security administration, smooth report channels, through annual inspections, special inspections, random spot checks, etc., according to the division of labor to check the institutional staff.

The inspection situation is disclosed to the society according to law and is an important basis for institutional credit management.

If the training institution violates the "Management Measures", the competent education administrative department shall order its correction; for many times, a number of violations of the provisions are serious, ordered to stop the enrollment, the relevant training activities are prohibited during the period; the relevant training activities are prohibited; Or refuse to correct the plot is particularly serious, and cancel the qualification of its school license.