Yinchuan City will order an orderly open video and theater and other indoor public places and tourist scenic spots

People’s Network Yinchuan November 18th (Zhao Mo) on the morning of the 18th, the autonomous region shall be held in the 19th press conference of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Work Command. Zhao Xuhui, deputy secretary of the Yinchuan Municipal Committee, and Yinchuan City, Yinchuan City, said Zhao Xuhui, the commander of the Xinzhang Pneumonia Epidemic Work Headquarters, recently, Yinchuan City will be open to the indoor public places and tourist scenic spots such as the theater, museums, libraries, fitness venues. Incomputive public activity places, the cultural and economic recreation venues must strictly enforce measures such as temperature measurement, examination, and wearing masks, "one-meter", and the hotel, hotel, home and housing, etc. should be monitored and health monitoring.

Zhao Xuhui said that the current Yinchuan City still has to solve the defense, will continue to adhere to the "external defense input, internal defense rebound, the characters" strategy, earnestly "three close attention to not relax", cautiously Grasp the epidemic prevention and control.

Yinchuan City continues to strengthen the airport, train station, highway and other card "gate" on duty; strengthen the temperature measurement, code, and wear masks; strengthen the overseas returns from "hatch" to "home door" full-loop management; Strengthen the "point-to-point" closed-loop management of future silver people in the high-risk zone; strengthen import cold chain goods, overseas express "three concentrations" management; strengthen the management of mail express delivery items in key incidence.

In addition, Yinchuan City will strictly control all kinds of large aggregation activities. The meeting, the training is trying to take online, and it is checked underline, and according to the principle of "who holds, who is responsible", strictly formulates the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control program. More than 50 people aggregated activities are strictly graded according to regulations; continue to advocate red and white, simple and simple, no gatherings, not banquet, no dinner.

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