Yinjiang invests more than 1.45 million yuan to implement the comprehensive rectification of urinary floods in urban areas

In recent years, with the rapid development of the city in Yichuo County, the ground hardening rate has increased year by year. Some road sections have long, the design standard is low, and it is easy to cause part of the location, threatening the life and property of the public, in order to effectively eliminate the floods in the urban area. Hidden dangers, this year, Yinjiang Autonomous Prefecture raised more than 14.5 million yuan of funds to implement the comprehensive remediation project of Yizhong in the county urban area, continuously improved and improved urban supporting facilities. On October 31, the author saw the construction site in the Yihua section of the Yunjiang Stadium, the county, and the construction guardrail, the machine roared, the workers were in an orderly manner, and the mud waters were stirred, welded the steel.

At the construction site of the Lijiang Road, due to the large number of underground urban pipeline network lines, some of the ditch large machinery can not be used, and can only be used in accordance with artificial construction. The workers use shovel, iron shovel to excavate, shovel, whole site Busy and orderly. "Currently, we have adopted full-closed construction operation, investing in 16 mechanical equipment, organized more than 60 workers, 4 points all day and 4 points, implement listing, grab all benefits, and ensure safety premise Under, strive to complete the construction task before the end of the year. "Guizhou Jianxing Pin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Assistant Yang Sheng is introduced. It is understood that the total investment of comprehensive remediation projects in Yinjiang County, Yinjiang County, more than 1.45 million yuan, mainly for Van Jingshan Avenue, Yujiang Road, County Hushu Road, Outan Road, East Ring Road, Jiefang West Road, Jianmin Road The floods are implemented, easy to cut, dredges and pipelines, mainly construction of reinforced concrete blocking guggou, 340 meters of steel mix soil cutting groove, 200 meters of sand block wall, 100 meters of reinforced concrete rain, 4200 meters of rainpasis, 157 brickwork inspection wells, 250 rainwater ports, 1,500 rainwater, 4,500 cubic meters.

Since starting in early October, the project has been completed, and the trench excavation and box cural pipelines have been completed, and the project is advancing.

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