Wuqing District: Jingwei Second Phase I learned Huating to start construction in April 2022

  Tianjin Northern Network News: "Politician Zero Distance" section netizen Liu ** message: What should I do if I learned Huating in the second phase of Jingwei?Wuqing District Government reply: The learning of the company’s development and construction of Huating No. 8, the sales contract is agreed to the delivery time on April 15, 2020, due to the downtime, smog comprehensive management, and other relevant factors failed to press timeDelivery, its company feedback has issued a notice of extension delivery to the owners in April 2020.Due to the east-side high-rise district, the east-side high-rise area is needed, and the east high-rise gauge is organizing human, material resources and other related resources. It is expected that the supporting pipe network and follow-up of the construction villa area in April 2022.Garden landscape project, determine the specific time to contact you and send a specific delivery notice during the first time, during which the specific progress is needed, you can call the customer service number 022-59681620, there is a person responsible for answering.(Jin Yun Journalist Zhou Tingting).