The opening of the Jiangsu Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo is ie: Living Exhibition

Jiangsu Wuxi Millennium Ancient Canal night picturesque.

(DOMECTION) The "Opinions on In-depth Promotion of Beautiful Jiangsu Construction" in Jiangsu Province clearly requires the establishment of the landmark project such as the China Grand Canal Museum, the Digital Cloud Platform of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park, and do a good job in the Culture of the Grand Canal "Jiangsu model" for protection, inheritance, and utilization.

  Yang Zhizhi introduced that as the key project of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt and the National Cultural Park, the 3rd Expo will continue the target positioning of the first two Yunbo Fair, highlight the "integration · innovation, sharing" theme, based on the big canal domain, surround Helping the normalized epidemic prevention and control of high quality development, innovation activities, and strengthen regional linkage and international elements, aims to build the city’s cultural integration development platform along the Grand Canal, Went Travel Boutique Promotion Platform, a beautiful life sharing platform. According to the prevention and control requirements of normalized epidemic, the Expo will implement "limited edition, appointment, wrong peak" measures, control the size of the person underline, and take the online landline to integrate, and the library is within the way. Up to now, in addition to some national governments and enterprises confirmed exhibitors, there are 33 cities along the 8 provinces (cities) along the Grand Canal, and more than 570 Wenxin Enterprise Institutions will be invited to participate in the exhibition, Shanghai and Jiangsu to support Tibet Lhasa. City, Xinjiang Yili Prefecture and Kezhou are also invited to participate.

Among them, there are 37 cities in China to participate in the Canal City Wenbao Exhibition, 53 non-legacy projects to participate in the canal non-legacy prevision, 122 WTAs participate in the canal special tourism product exhibition, more than 150 units participate in the canal food exhibition, more than 300 Text Travel Enterprises participate in the Canal Cultural Industry Exhibition. (Finish).