The Hong Kong Force Exhibition Center has become a "second historical class" of Hong Kong youth.

  [Explanation] Recently, nearly 100 teachers and students from Hong Kong’s "Future Star" class, the "Future Star" class, visited the PLA Station Force Exhibition Center, and spent one under the influence of historical culture. Meaningful weekend.

  [Interpretation] Teachers and students will conduct visits, general sequences, China Dream Exhibition Hall, strong military dreams hall, Xiangjiang Guardian Exhibition Hall, and Each Exhibition Hall. I have an impressive impression. [Same period] Qiu Wanguang, the principal of Baofa, Baodong, the Chinese dream, is deeply comparable (impression), because I believe that everything is developed by dreams, and the whole China is started by dreams, this is a very important thing. Continue to write (China) the road to the strong country of the generation.

  [Interpretation] The exhibition briefly demonstrates the brilliant civilization and brilliant achievements of the Chinese nation by talking about the Chinese story, the people’s army’s story, and shows the brilliant process of the Chinese nation, showing the glory of the victory to victory, showing the implementation of the Forces in Hong Kong One country, two systems, the policy, safeguarding the vivid practice of long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong.

  [Site] (Negoton question) Neplycin: Which day is the new China established? Hong Kong Student: October 1, 1949.

  Needle: answer the correct, let us give the applause to this classmate. [Interpretation] In order to strengthen the sense of participation and enthusiasm of young students, the nepheses in the exhibition process, the students can answer the answer in the exhibition process in accordance with their own historical knowledge, answer questions There is also a chance to get a small prize, and the exhibition is lively and interesting.

  [Same period] Guofeng Bureau Roger 1983 Middle School Student Liang Yuyu can know more (formerly) unknown information (information), such as what kind of battle and more knowledge have experienced, more people.

  [Interpretation] Sound graphics, cultural relics models, etc., the form of exhibitions, such as the exhibition of the imperial exhibition, and the nepheses are induced, and they have opened the Chinese historical classroom for Hong Kong youth. door. Exhibition event ended in the song "I and my motherland".

  [Cooperation] Hong Kong Middle School Students Zhou Weilin Hong Kong is a sacred (territory), which is unparalleled. The resilience resident in Hong Kong is like a role of a custom sea, defending national sovereignty. I think this is an embodiment of reflecting a comprehensive strength, that is, our country is now strong. [Same period] Qiu Wanguang, President Baofu, Baoqi, I want to share with all my colleagues, my team (sharing), is worth sharing with them, and have the opportunity to bring my team and students, you can feel it. visit.

  [Interpretation] The reporter learned that since the establishment of opening up in July, the Division of the Division of the Division in Hong Kong has received more than 5,000 Hong Kong citizens and the officers and soldiers to visit, and youth students have become one of the main groups of the exhibition. The exhibition center has gradually become an important place to accept patriotism and national defense education.

  Weekly Yang Jiezhen Yang Yang Zhang Yibuo Guangyao Hong Kong report.