The 7th China Mongolian Intellectual Property Director and Seminar is held in Ulaanba

Original title: The seventh China Mongolia Intellectual Property Director and Seminar held a few days ago, the seventh director of the 7th China Mongolian Intellectual Property will be held in Mongolia Wulaba. Mongolian Intellectual Property Bureau Director Eldnes Sulen Eld Netbat, presided over the meeting, Deputy Director of China’s National Intellectual Property Office, Gantuine, deputy director of the Russian Federal Intellectual Property Office, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the tripartite introduced the latest developments of their respective intellectual property, and reviewed the cooperation and results of the same cooperation and discussed the future cooperation.

Gan Shaining said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to international cooperation and exchanges in the field of intellectual property, China’s National Intellectual Property Office uses Mongolia and Russia as an important partner, under the active efforts of China Mongolian, especially in "all the way" intellectual property cooperation Under the framework, the three games have been steadily advanced and have achieved fruitful results.

China is willing to continue to strengthen the dialogue and exchanges between the Mongolian two games with open positive attitudes to promote the cooperation between China Mongolia, Russia.

Eldnebart said that the establishment of a three-way cooperation mechanism in China Mongolia is not long, but the three-party cooperation has achieved rich results. The Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia attaches great importance to cooperation with the China National Intellectual Property Office and the Russian Intellectual Property Office, and looks forward to further improving the international influence of the three cooperation in the future, and conducts a wider range of cooperation. Liu Pu Kiri said that hopes that the Sino-Mungu Russian three bureaus will strive to promote the three-way intellectual property cooperation mechanism to deeper development and invite China Mongolia to participate in the 8th China Mongolian Intellectual Property Seminar and Three Safety People.

During the Director, Gan Shaining was attended at the 7th China Mongolian Intellectual Property Seminar and delivered a speech. At the seminar, the Sino-Mongolian Third Bureau experts discussed around the "Geographical Sign and Regional Development" theme, and with the latest legal system related to the Geographical Logo, the representatives of the Ministry of Mongolia, the Geographic Logo Association and the agencies. The registration and protection channels and the promotion of regional economics have fully exchanged advice, sharing the successful experience of the Three Kingdoms. During the meeting, Mongolian geographic logo product show, Mongolian Communications Agency and herders and herders have made news reports on this seminar.

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