Shaanxi Ganchuan Ning Ning Nishi City Wenke Promotion Lanzhou held

Original title: Shaanxi Ganchuan Ning Ning Nishi City Wenxin Promotion held on October 13 in Lanzhou Cultural tourism representatives from Baoji, Weinan, Pingliang, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Guyuan, etc. Shaanxi Ganchuan Ning Ning neighboring mountain water is connected, similar, cultural, folk customs, and geographical position have the traffic convenient conditions of "Dongxiang West", "Nanji North", and has the advantage of creating a piece of tourist destination. This belt, Fuxi culture, farming culture, Bayu culture, Dadiwan culture and other cultures have integrated, the wonders of the rivers, desert Gobi, canyon caves, etc., shaped magical and magnificent natural scenery.

Many travelers of the tourism sector, excavation of the characteristic cultural and tourism themes in Ning Ning Ning, Shaanxi Province, gradually forming the market share, brand sharing, and the new style of cultural tourism industry in the brand, mutually beneficial and win-win, and promote regional cultural tourism integration .

Shaanxi Ganchuan Ning Ning Neighborhood Tourism Cooperation Alliance Secretary, Deputy Director of Baoji City Culture and Tourism Bureau Host alliance membership city marketing promotion activities. The cultural tourism promotion meeting held in Lanzhou is also one of them.

Next, the event will also enter Chengdu to carry out a promotion promotion, and the television station of more than 10 alliance cities will conduct a one-month tourism propaganda.

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