The deadline of the third college graduate entrepreneurial competition in that song is extended to the 21st

The entrant fills in the registration form.

  On November 4, the Municipal People’s Government hosted by Naqu City, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Co-organized Base of College Graduates in College of Que City, the Tibet Daily Tibet Media Group hosted by the Tour of the Third College Graduate Entrepreneurship Competition start up.

Since the start of the registration work, some people from all walks of life have received extensive attention and the active participation of relevant entrepreneurial teams and individuals. However, due to the recent activities, some of the members who want to participate in the competition reflect that the preparation time is insufficient, and cannot be registered and submitted in the original time. In response to the problems reflected in the competition, the organizing committee of the competition is determined, in order to effectively protect the members to register and submit works, the original registration deadline is extended to November 21st, the promotion competition and the final time is in turn. . It is reported that the theme of this University of Entrepreneurship is "starting from the future of youth", highlighting integrity, wisdom, self-reliance, hard work, brave, innovative main melody. In order to fully stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of entrepreneurs, the organizing committee of the competition also invited representatives of the previous outstanding contestants, refueling the contestants of this contest, and sent a good blessing.

  "I am from Nima County, Nagu City. I participated in the second college graduate entrepreneurial competition in Naqu City last year. The third contest this year begins, I hope to have a small partner of entrepreneurial dreams as I am actively involved, let myself The road to entrepreneurship has no regret, come on! "Chairman of Niima County Tibet Tourism Culture Co., Ltd., Tibet, Dora Book University, Painted Federation, Doraba, Doraba.

  The reporter learned that after the registration is deadline, the competition will be selected by the promotion competition, the finals, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes, and encourage a prize, the highest prize of 100,000 yuan.

The majority of entrepreneurs who wish to participate in the competition will take the time and actively register. (Editor: Chen Mengmeng).