The National Construction Theme Exhibition Opening the "Time of the Era"

  The newspaper Hong Kong October 25 (Reporter Chenglong) was opened by the Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong Zilian Office, China Construction Group, hosted by the China Construction Group, opened on the morning of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, a large number of batch Reflecting the results of the development of the country’s long-standing architectural history and the development of contemporary architectural sectors, and the video and model meet in Hong Kong and the public.

  The theme exhibition will last until 30 this month.

Exhibition through ancient and modern, with rich photo information, exquisite construction model, system development history, multimedia image and interactive experience as the main content, showing the "absolute, new, odd and wisdom" of the big country, so that Hong Kong citizens understand national construction Development history, appreciate the style of landmarks and projects, feel the unique architectural aesthetics, new advanced construction technology, and national daily new monthly progress, enhance the family’s feelings and development of Hong Kong people. Lu Xinning, deputy director of the Hong Kong SAR Administration, Hong Kong Zhonglian Office, attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and delivered speeches, and General Manager of China Construction Group, Zheng Xue, was selected through video speech, and Hong Kong’s well-known architectural experts, the popularity of people and other people from all walks of life.

  After the whole play, after the singing national anthem, Lin Zheng Yuxi issued a speech that the "Time" series activities are welcome in Hong Kong, and those who have been fortunate to participate in my country’s science and technology development, and they have a stronger for Chinese people. Inspect and pride. She pointed out that Hong Kong ushered in a new situation, a new starting point, and better integration into the national development overall in the future, especially to build Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and requires Hong Kong compatriots to have a stronger mind force to the motherland. She emphasized that the motherland is always a strong backing Hong Kong. The basic project spending of the SAR Government in the next few years is expected to exceed HK $ 10 billion a year to improve the public living environment, enhance the public life index, and build a portable Hong Kong, which is easy to travel. Hong Kong.

  When Lu Xinning delivered a speech, it was said that inquiry a history of different periods, it was the process of chasing a period of history and civilization. I believe that the majority of Hong Kong people can see the comprehensive national strength, economic strength and innovation capability of the motherland from the exhibition, and feel the spiritual power of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

She emphasized that Hong Kong is an international metropolis, which must be eight sides to wind compatibility, but also to meet the soul of Bacon.

Bringing the world culture trend and the Chinese civilization style, Hong Kong can do a good job in China and Foreign Culture and Art Exchange Center.

  Zheng Xue’s resistence said that in the new development process of Hong Kong, the new development process of Zhixing, Zhongjian Group will fully serve the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, and actively promote the industrial investment, and participate in Hong Kong construction, and strive to develop economic and social development for Hong Kong. Happy space, creating a better life makes new contributions.

  At the opening ceremony, the exhibition organizers China Construction International Group announced the "China-Partning Enterprise Internship Program" and "Building a Dream Bay Area" design contest.

The exhibition organizers Bauhinia magazine also announced the recent results of the Hong Kong Youth Architectural Painting Competition.

  In addition to the exhibition, "Construction Town" composed of many national architectures arrived in Hong Kong on the 24th, opened 6 days of visiting port.

They will enter the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hong Kong University. (Editor: Yue Hongbin, Niu Wei) Sharing let more people see.