Tong traffic "The last km" "The last kilometer" Tianjin Nanang MTR line officially put into trial operation

Recently, accompanied by a burst of whistle, more than 3,000 tons arrived from the coal from the city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, arrived in Nanbang Industrial Zone, Tianjin, and took the special line of Nanport Hong Kong Iron Logistics Company (hereinafter referred to as "Nangang MTR).") Entering Station, this is the first column of freight trains ushered in in Hong Kong, Iron Engineering, Nanport, marks the official investment of the MTR line project in Nangang.The project is taken from the Nanbei North Station of Tianjin Nanbang Railway, and there are 2 installed lines, 1 machine line, 2 south, north stack, and the unloading line is 1050 meters long.

The line is sent to the total amount of 8 million tons / year, with bulk, pieces of groceries and container transportation conditions. It is Tianjin to accelerate the "public turn iron", and open the "last kilometer" in Hong Kong, promote the adjustment of the transport structure of Jincheng.Important railway line.(Editor: Li Dan, Wang Hao) Sharing let more people see.