Shanxi Province Real Estate Transaction Realization Full Circle "Pocket"

  Original title: [Further optimization of business environment] The whole process of real estate transactions in our province "Pocket Office" On July 20 After the online collaboration of the County Taxation Bureau and the Nixian Natural Resources Bureau, the information sharing, the confirmation of the information is correct, through the "three Jintong" APP pay taxes 6390 yuan, successfully realize the first "three Jintong" in Jixian County APP real estate trading business.

  On July 21, 2020, the Shanxi Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation promoted the "Internet + Recruitment Registration" work in the province, and the Shanxi Provincial Taxation Bureau relies on the "one window acceptance" platform in the province, will "handheld tax" system After interruption and transformation of the natural resource department real estate registration system, access the "Sanjin" App Government Service Platform, realize the natural person’s real estate trading line and the online "window acceptance" converge link, registration and taxation organic coincide, to the province , City, county three-level natural persons in real estate transactions do not see the handheld. At the beginning of April this year, after the "Sanjin Tong" app in Shanxi Province, he successfully realized the province’s real estate transactions registration, pay taxation, and the certificate ", and the province, city, county three-level full coverage, the masses found the remote, Off-site, don’t see the full-time processes of real estate transactions. At present, the "Sanjin" APP real estate transaction is fully launched, and the province taxpayer only needs to download "Sanjin" app. After registering, click "Real Estate Registration" icon to initiate handheld, including online, including online Sign the sales contract, the registration of real estate registration, pay taxes, payment information feedback, regular certificate issued, etc., and the time limit is compressed to 3 working days.

The system breaks the restrictions on the time, location and mode of the real estate registration, and the transition of "genus acceptance to the off-site acceptance, the division acceptance to the unified transformation, the offline business is transferred to the line, and the business is handled by the masses. "Four-turn" mode.

(Reporter Ren Zhixia).