The first round of the Tongliao Municipal Committee’s first round of tourism will hold a digital newspaper of Liao Daily

This newspaper (Reporter Xu Jian) ??November 18, the first round of the Tongliao Municipal Committee’s first round of inspection will be held.

The Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Director of the Commission, the leadership group of the municipal party committee patrol, the Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Organization Department, the deputy head of the Municipal Party Committee, the deputy director of the leadership team of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting. Qian Yongqiang is mobilized at the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that the patrol is political inspection. It is the political supervision of the higher party organization to fulfill the responsibility of the party’s leadership function, focusing on discovering and promoting the resolution of the leadership of the party, the party’s construction, and comprehensiveness of the party’s fundamental global global Sexual issues, fundamental tasks are to urge party organizations and party members and cadres to enhance the "four consciousness" and firm "four confidence" to do "two maintenance". To study the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the inspection and inspection work, conscientiously implement the new deployment of the Party Central Committee and the Autonomous Region on the new deployment of inspection and inspection, accurately grasp the political inspection positioning, accurately implement political inspection requirements, and always mind "two largest ", Do" three in the hearts ", insist on where the Party Central Decision is deployed, the inspection supervision will follow up, give full play to the implementation of the inspection supervision and protection, promote the improvement of development, and adhere to the deepening system to treat, and the logistics In the serious party, the political life, repair the purification of political ecology, and triggered, to promote the construction, to tour.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to stick to functional positioning, focus on "three focus" supervision, strengthen supervision of "one hand" and leadership team, find political bias, correct political bias, and continuously enhance inspection, curb and cure.

It is necessary to accurately grasp the fundamental tasks of political inspections, value orientation, supervision standards, method paths, and effectively carry political requirements, political thinking and people’s position through the inspection work, and ensure that the inspection work is always developed in the correct direction; Supervise the key points, key points "," weak points ", internal management of" weak points ", and problems, due to local conditions, precision policy, fixed-time breakthrough, to achieve problems, find true problems; to strengthen Achievement, adhere to the side patrol change, stand-alone change and edge-patrol movement, quick investigation and fast operation, and promote the solution to the cadres and the masses reflect strong outstanding problems, and earnestly win the people’s trust, highlight the root of the sword .

The meeting requires that the majority of inspection cadres should continue to improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution, tight mission, tempering hard collar, continuously enhancement of observation, analyzing the breakthrough power, grasp the judgment of policies and Strictly solve the problem of the problem, strictly organize the inspection work according to law, and strive to show new as a new municipal party committee in the first round of tourism, refreshing new weather, providing a strong political guarantee for comprehensive construction modern Tongliao.

Approved by the Municipal Party Committee, the first round of the sixth municipal committee, for the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Health Bureau, Municipal Medicine Bureau, Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Public Resource Trading Center, Tongliao Hospital, City Center for Disease Prevention and Control Center, Tongliao City A middle school, Tongliao City Fifth Middle School, Tongliao City Experimental Middle School, Tongliao Mongolian Middle School, Tongliao City, New Town First Middle School, etc. Party Organizations to carry out routine insults; 2 grassroots party including New Town Street, Liaohe Town, Development Zone (Work) Committee to carry out levels of promotion; for the city development and reform committee, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Party Capitors, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, Municipal Bureau of Computer Bureau, and Tongliu Group, etc. A special inspection of the level of 8 flag counties (cities, districts). The on-site inspection time is November 22nd to December 31. Member of the City Committee of the City Committee, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee, the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee, the first round of the sixth year of the municipal party, the inspection team, the county (city, district) Discipline Inspection, director, municipal party committee patrol work collaborative mechanism The member unit is responsible for comrades, and the patrol unit is mainly responsible for comrades, and all cadres of the municipal party committee patrol agencies participate in the meeting.