Promoting the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in Fujian Province Investigation

Original title: Promoting the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at Fujian Province In accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial party committee, Yin Li, Wang Ning, Cui Yuying and other provincial presidents, Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, Provincial Government, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference Going to all set districts and the city and the integrated experimental area, and in depth, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the time of Fujian, combined with "re-learning, re-investigation, re-implementing" activities, planning to plan, and fell countermeasures. The spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping was jointly promoted in Fujian Earth. Provincial Party Secretary Yin Li to Fuzhou University, Governor Wang Ning to Fujian Medical University, Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Cui Yuying to Quanzhou City, Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Register Luo Dongchuan to Sanming City, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee Weekly Qing to Zhangzhou City, Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee Zhao Long, secretary of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee, member of the Provincial Committee of Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone, Provincial Commission Standing Committee, Director of the Provincial Supervision and Commission, Li Yizhe, the Standing Committee of Quanzhou City, Provincial Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda, Xing Shanping, the Standing Committee of Nanping, the Minister of the Provincial Party Committee, Yang Xianjin Longyan City, Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Secretary-General, Vice Governor, Zheng Xincong to Ningde City, Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Minister of the United Front, Zhuangjia, Standing Committee of Putian City, Provincial Party Committee, Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee, Secretary Lin Baojin to Fuzhou Hetan Comprehensive Experimental Area, Provincial People’s Congress The Standing Committee Party Secretary, Deputy Director Lei Chunmei to Nanping City, with Party Cadres, Colleges and Students, Enterprise Representatives and People’s Congress Representatives, CPPCC members, and further study the important speech at the time of Ji Xi Ping in Fujian. Every time, the provincial leaders have exchanged with everyone, and the Touching the Top Secretary and the Teaching of the General Secretary.

The provincial leaders said that General Secretary Xi Jinping has worked in Fujian for seventeen years. For Fujian’s situation, the people of Fujian are deeply affected, and the development of Fujian is hoped.

At the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the crucial moment of building a new socialist modern country, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Fujian inspection guidance, proposing the general direction, total goals, new requirements for Fujian Development, and developing Fujian Development with the National Globe and The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is closer, and it is more highlighting the new development stage, implementing the new development concept and building a new development pattern in Fujian era. We have to make a learning collar, and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary, General Secretary, as a major political task in the current and future, and transform the attention of General Secretary Xi Jinping into specific actions, and continuously enhance the "four awareness" in the actual results. Strengthen "four confidence" to do "two maintenance".

  The provincial leaders emphasized that all levels of all levels should be fully committed to the "four larger" new requirements and four key tasks that have been proposed by General Secretary of Popular Secretary. Feelings, thinking, concentrating on research, based on actual, finding positioning, paying close attention to implementation, one step, one step, a footprint, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important requirements and ardent hopes to become a reality, struggle to write a comprehensive construction of socialist modern national Fujian, Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Party with excellent results. It is necessary to focus on all-round promotion of high-quality development transcendence, complete, accurate, comprehensively implement the concept of new development, and find the positioning of the service and integration into the construction of new development patterns, increase innovation support, optimize the improvement of industrial structure, and build higher levels. The new economic system, actively explore the branches of the strait two sides of the strait. It is necessary to focus on accelerating the revitalization of rural residence, based on resource endowment, develop more special advantage industries, rich people, and build more beautiful new rural areas. It is necessary to focus on improving the quality of life, broaden the income growth channels of residents, increase investment, and replenish the social cause of people’s livelihood, and deepen the construction of Ping An Fujian, and continuously enhance the masses to get a sense of security. It is necessary to focus on "learning party history, understanding, doing real things, opening new bureaus", play the advantages of Fujian, carry forward the glorious tradition, carry out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", and effectively solve the problem "urgent and difficult to look", high The standard high demand promotes in-depth development of party history learning education. (Reporter Yan Shunlong) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Chen Lanyan).