[Wantong] Yinfa market "rice bowl", how do you have any young people?

  Zhang Jun Yan, born in 1994, is a single girl, there is a background of "Sea", and is currently the deputy director of the Shanghai Elderly care center, responsible for the operation management of the whole hospital, busy and happy. This is a "small achievement" on the road of professional dreams, she deals with the derived love and the elderly, and she will consider the future of parents, and determined to join the pension.

  In 2016, after graduating from the pharmacy major in China, she chose to a master’s degree in pension services and management. This major takes a credit system to learn the knowledge of American pension systems, aging medical, and operation management.

  At that time, whenever she said this profession, she feels that the atmosphere will become "strange". After all, for the young people, this is a industry that is not too "existence". After graduating, she worked in a cognitive research center in the United States and a pension institution, she returned to Shanghai last fall.

  In the past few years, in the past few years, the domestic pension industry has developed rapidly, and Zhang Jun Yan has a clear feeling – a lot of views around you have changed. "They said that I chose a good ‘Chaoyang Industry’ for development prospects." Recently, the "National Development and Reform Commission" on promoting the quality of the people’s life Quality on the level of the people’s life "is mentioned: Strengthening the undergraduate level talents Cultivate, support nursing, rehabilitation, family politicism, and young and young college graduates. By 2025, the undergraduate undergraduate undergraduate undergraduate students in the country of nursing, rehabilitation, family political, and young and young, and more than 2020. In this macro background, how to make young people choose a pension industry and willing to take root in this industry? How to cultivate high-quality pension service talents from the source? Give a challenge to the government who is responsible for talent output and the government that is a "hub" to supply and demand.

  The pension industry seeks sage and thirst with the aging of China’s irreversible aging, the development of the pension service industry has attracted attention, the relevant departments have been deployed, related majors are in full swing.

  In 2019, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Expanding the Supply Supply Supply Support for Elderly Service", including 17 specific measures to meet the demand for many older pension services in the elderly, which clearly requires the end of 2022 Train 10,000 dean, 2 million pension care workers, 100,000 special part-time elderly social workers.

  From the information of the Ministry of Education, in 2019, the country has set up 1200 professional points of education, nursing, etc., and the services and management of secondary and middle-vocational education and management are about 700 professional points. . The preliminary development of pension vocational education has formed a good situation of professional groups, and also promotes the rapid development of national pension industries.

  Wang Yuanyuan, the public health and health management of Anhui Medical College, said that since 2017, after the school opened the old health and management, more and more new students took the initiative to the major. "In 2021, the school recruited 150 Newborn, more than 30 people last year. " Students have also become "futuristic".

Wang Yuanyuan introduced that the main graduates of the professional graduates reached 86%, 80% of graduates flowed to Shanghai, Nanjing and Hefei and other places of medical combination pension institutions, community service centers, health management companies, engaged in operations And management, elderly education, product planning work.

  And some economic underdeveloped regions of the nursing hospitals are "seeking the sage and thirst" to the pedicure service management talents from the class.

  Born in 1987, Zhang Sheng (pseudonym) is currently responsible for the management of a private nutrient nutrition home in a county in the West.

He told the Chinese New Year, Zhongqing Net reporter, his university is administrative management. After graduation, it took a few years after graduation. 6 years ago, he entered the pension industry. Help. At present, Zhang Sheng’s nursing homes plus him a total of 12 employees, only 3 young people, they are not learning to be managed, and the nursing staff in the hospital is "4050" person. "Talent is shortage" limits the development of the nursing home.

Zhang Sheng said, currently, the occupancy rate of his nursing home is about 50%, which also contains very difficult personnel of government support, and the old people staying at their own expense, "biased, profitable". Zhang Sheng Tunes has now, and the occupancy rate is late. On the one hand, the local "family old-age" concept is deeply rooted; on the other hand, the nursing home is transmitted to the young people is a "沉 沉" "not free" impression. He tried water in the community, organized the elderly to try, invite young volunteers to be a guest, and some school docking internship practice … "The effect is very good, the young people sang together, dance, do the game, the atmosphere Go up.

"Zhang Sheng said. But I have to" stay "in the grassroots nursing home for a long time is not easy.

Zhang Sheng said, several recruitment, he took the initiative to contact the vocational colleges of the old-age, nursing, and the students tend to go to some economically more developed and industry more perfect cities.

  Zhang Sheng understands the choice of students.

However, he called for, hoping that there are more vocational colleges of pension related majors to put their eyes to remote areas, and transport talents to internship practice. "I am afraid that I can stay in the short term, I can make such a grassroots nursing home full of laughter." .