Zhangzhou Fengyang: The position in Zhuangzi is at the door of the house.

Since this year, Zhangzhou Fengyang County has continued to carry out new era civilized practices, and built a "Village (community) pilot in the 235 villages (communities) of the townships (parks), putting the position in Zhuangzi, The event is at the entrance of the home, so that the civilized township winds into thousands of households, truly enters the publicity of the masses, educates the masses, lead the masses, and serve the "last 100 meters".

Typical "This year, this 8th advanced models are recommended by villagers, the village Tao Detects parliament review, carefully selection, establish these examples, not only improve the quality of the villagers, but also change the rules and discharging, and promote the wind." East Gu Wenchao, the Secretary of the Town Branch of the Lingcun Party, said at the "Our Festival · Chongyang" and the Advanced Typical Reconsishes Conference in Fengyang County.

Dongling Village has passed the model to promote civilized new wind in the county. In recent years, the new era of the county has praised "the people", "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Good people with good people, excellent volunteers, etc. Listening to the Red Classic Bridge Town to build a "Sound Library" in all new era civilization practice, let the readers pick up the phone to sweep, you can watch the book content, listen to the red book online, which is convenient to quickly learn the party’s 100-year journey.

Li Mengfeng, a student in Fengyang County, said: "This ‘Sound Library’ is very good, the resource library inside is also very rich, we can learn the history of the party through scanning code, accept red education, and more firmly, I have learned to grow up. Confidence. "This year, the county rely on the new era civilized practice to carry out more than 170 scenes, and talking about more than 120 scenes, using the masses to understand, the language of the ground, telling the revolutionary story since the party, and the red gene Inspire the patriotism of the masses of the majority of cadres. In recent days, Yin Zhen Town "Civilized Practice Day Happy Sunday" event was carried out in the town Feng Yin Village, "Xinglin Spring War" volunteers patience to popularize family health knowledge, explain the causes of stroke and preventive knowledge, Guide the masses to develop healthy lifestyles to enhance family health and civilization.

"Volunteers often come to our village, drive us to take us to make vaccines, free to seek disease, do health lectures, they sent health to our door, I want to give them a service ‘Site’.

"The villagers who often participate in the event said Wang Shaoxia.

The county launched township (park), community actively established volunteer service award mechanism, and established 23 volunteer service team with local characteristics, 26 characteristic volunteer service projects, and cultivated 12 featured volunteer service brands. Combine the needs of the masses, extensively carry out the "Civilized Practice Day" "" I have a happy New Year’s Day "" "I have a practical thing for the people", "I have a strong civilized practice atmosphere, let the civilized township wind Enter us home. (Xu Chunyan Chen Huabin Chen Youtian) (Editor: Wu Siwu, Zhang Lei) Sharing let more people see.