Xishan Yongding River Culture With Non-legacy Folk Ceremony and Mid-Autumn Festival Park

People’s Network Beijing September 19 (Pool Dream) September 19 The cultural belt non-legacy folk conference and the Mid-Autumn Festival garden activities were successful.

Cultural benefits, colorful non-harm omissions to better protect and inherit the outstanding traditional culture of the Chinese nation, enrich people’s spiritual cultural life, and constantly meet the longigits and needs of the broad masses of the people’s good life.

Daxing District is held in Binhe Sports Park, "Xishan, Yongding Yao" Xishan Yongding River Cultural With Non-legacy Folk Ceremony and Mid-Autumn Festival. At the garden, the non-legacy performance of the Ball Nanshi, the acrobatic bench, Tianjin heavy knife, and the face, which triggered the applause of audience friends; with the help of the Mid-Autumn Festival traditional festival, comprehensively highlight China National non-legacy cultural charm, better promoting the integration of traditional non-legacy cultures and modern people’s lives.

"嫦 娥 小 小店" and "Colorful Musical Mystery Promenade" bring poetic Mid-Autumn Atmosphere; "Stage Bubble Show" brings a laughter to children; hand is a flying mooncake, palace light, group fan and other folklocked hands Traditional culture’s pinning and mass life and good combination. The whole event is exciting, so that the majority of tourists and friends can enjoy the scene of the park, enjoy the beauty of the park, and can fully feel the festive atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and there is a multi-point view of the rich historical culture of Xishan Yongding River Cultural Belt. Inheritance, thick-grained cultural self-confidence culture is inviting, cultural is a nation’s blood, is the spiritual home of the people. During "13th Five-Year Plan", Beijing put forward the development goal of "Strengthening the Construction of National Cultural Center". The three cultural bands are an important starter of Beijing Construction National Cultural Center. It is a national-level cultural symbol recognized by the world.

As the impact plain of Yongding River, Daxing District is given in the capital planning. Daxing is not only the "South Gate" in Beijing in Beijing, but also known as "the first in the world", as an important part of the cultural band of Xishan, also is also responsible for important responsibility and mission.

"The sea is promoted to the moon, the world is at this time."

The long tradition of the Mid-Autumn Festival is a good tradition in the bones of the Chinese people, which not only builds a deep cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, but also carries the cultural origins of the Chinese nation, which is the precious spiritual cultural heritage of our Chinese nation.

It is important to build Yongding River Cultural Belt, which is of great significance to the effects of inheriting traditional cultural times.

The relevant person in charge said that activities not only show and elucidated the long-awaited historical culture of Daxing, but also attracting more tourists into Xishan Yongding River cultural belt, and in-depth feelings of Daxing Regional culture inheritance new opportunities. (Editor: Dong Zhaorui, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.