The new national standard power package "green up" (People Commentary)

  Food and cosmetics released new national standard, will help guide green production and consumption, but also conducive to effective supervision Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, moon cake selling. In recent years, practice strict economy and combat waste of social atmosphere, luxury moon cake packaging, the phenomenon of extravagance and waste a lot less, but consolidate control results, cure excessive packaging needs further efforts. Recently, the newly revised "restricting excessive packaging requirements of food and cosmetics" mandatory national standards issued, is expected to further prevent a similar problem from the source of excessive packaging, boost green development. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "should pay attention to environmental conservation, to prevent excessive packaging, avoiding waste and pollution of the environment," "green development is a necessary requirement to build high quality modern economic system is to solve the pollution problems of fundamental policy."

Studies show that my country’s packaging waste accounts for about 30-40 percent of municipal solid waste. Currently on the market there are still some food and cosmetics excessive packaging layers, porosity is too large, high cost and other issues. The release of the new national standard times, to further improve the standard of applicability, scientific and feasible, standardized 31 categories of food, cosmetics packaging requirements 16, increasing the volume of packaging to detect, determine the rules and different necessary space factor merchandise.

Food and cosmetics released new national standard, will help guide green production and consumption, but also conducive to effective supervision.

  Enterprise is the main standard implementation of the new national standard will help guide the green production.

To avoid causing production and operation activities influence, as well as generate new waste, the implementation of the new national standard set a two-year transitional period for the enterprise market and, in 2023 before September 1, and the enterprises have enough time consumptive inventory, together Regulation is designed to adjust production. In this regard, enterprises transition to green production, should 赶早不赶晚.

Related companies should effectively raise awareness of green development initiative as fulfill corporate social responsibility, standards implementation as soon as possible, and compliance with the standard, higher quality supply to the market, greener low-carbon products, for new green consumption trends gain market advantage. Rely on the masses to consciously cultivate green lifestyle, the new national standard will help guide the green consumption.

In recent years, oppose extravagance and waste and unreasonable consumption, advocating moderate simple, green low-carbon lifestyle, gradually become a new social practice.

Food and cosmetics and the people’s daily lives, the new national standard method greatly simplifies the determination of the two types of excessive packaging of goods, consumers generally can look through a packaging material, two layers of packaging and asked the three count packaging volume, preliminary determination whether there is excessive packaging. Released new national standard will help consumers consciously practice the concept of green consumption, green and actively buy low-carbon products. The new national standard also conducive to effective supervision. Proposed revised Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Law, producers and traders shall comply with the mandatory standards to limit excessive packaging of goods, to avoid excessive packaging. The law for the first time defined the mandatory provisions restricting excessive packaging.

The new national standard promulgated by the enhanced regulatory enforcement operability. For example, the new national standard to modify the packaging ratio limit requirements and calculation methods, the last original packaging businesses will be bigger volume, or adding other commodities to avoid regulation approach not work anymore.

Meanwhile, Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Law as a higher law, the subject will greatly strengthen the implementation of the new country, and enhance regulatory effectiveness.

  Based on the new stage of development, implementing new development concept, building a new development pattern to promote the development of high-quality, strengthening the construction of ecological civilization, to accelerate and promote green low-carbon development put forward new and higher requirements. Limit excessive packaging of goods, on the one hand by increasing the supply of green, lead green consumption, on the other hand through lifestyle green revolution, green transformation Forced mode of production.

Supply and consumption of positive interaction, so that the resources, production, consumption, etc. match fit, will promote economic and social development and environmental protection harmonization of man and nature live in harmony. "People’s Daily" (September 9, 2021 version 07).