Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Federation held 2021 "School Zhiqiao History Zhi Qi Qi Quan Qi Quan" cadre "cadre training activities

In order to deliver the intensive discussion of the General Secretary of the Top Secretary on Overseas China, Important Discussion on Overseas China, Consolidate the Establishment of Educational Education and Educational Federation of Cadres in Overseas Chinese Federation System, and effectively enhance the quality of Overseas Chinese Union Cadres, November 11-15, 2021, hosted by Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Federation, Hui’an County, Nan’an Overseas Chinese Federation, Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Complex Cadres, Humblestone, Human Humblestive, Humblest Overseas Chinese, Human Overseas Chinese Union, Human Overseas Chinese Union, held in Hui’an. Zhang Yao, member of Fujian Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, Zhang Yao attended the opening, Quanzhou Overseas China Federation Party Secretary, Chairman Wen Jinhui, the Standing Committee of the Hui’an County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Zhou Pengfei, Minister of the United Front University, Hualing University, the president of the OC University, Zheng Wenzhi, etc. Zheng Wenzhi, etc. Attended and speaking.

The National Federation of Overseas Chinese Federation and 47 of the National Cadres participated in the training activities. Wen Jinhui demanded in the mobilization speech: First, to inherit the party’s fine tradition, establish a lifelong learning concept.

The course of the development of the Overseas Chinese Federation is the process of continuous learning and self-cultivation of the Overseas China and the overseas Chinese workers.

Second, it is necessary to establish a good study style and have a good job. It is necessary to learn the truthful attitude towards the truthful attitude, enhance the skills of learning, focusing on the overseas Chinese exchange reform and development, based on the actual situation of the overseas China, and strive to achieve new progress, new results, and new.

The third is to practice the basic skills, in order to change.

We must always adhere to the hard work skills, Yongxian’s passion and high wind and high wind, and strive to use the heart of the people who really change the people.

The fourth is to condense overseas Chinese, help high quality.

It is necessary to fully learn the party history, the history of the overseas Chinese, and use the Nanyang Chinese ethnic group to find root ancestors comprehensive service platform, and comprehensively lead the spring overseas Chinese to support home construction with full enthusiasm, and further help Quanzhou across new development.