[100 instant people say a hundred years] 1985, the adjustment of national defense strategy

  - This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Xinhuanet launched [100 instant a hundred years] series Party history micro classroom, with precious information and historical photos take you to relive the brilliance of the 100-year-old party. The sixty-year period was launched today. After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party, the national defense and military construction entered a new historical period.

According to the judgment of the changes in the international and domestic situation, the military strategic policy is changed to "active defense" by "active defense, insertion". In September 1981, Deng Xiaoping delivered a speech at the North China Military Exercise, and clearly proposed the overall goal of building a strong modern regularization revolutionary army, and specified the direction of the military construction for the new era.

  In June 1985, the Central Military Commission held an expansion meeting to put forward a strategic major transformation of military construction guidance ideas, that is, the military work from based on "early fight, big fight, nuclear war" is really transferred. On the peacetime construction track, under the premise of obeying the national economic construction, we will implement the fundamental construction of the exquisite, planned, and have steps, reduce the number, improve the quality, and enhance the combat capacity of the army under modern conditions. .

The meeting made decision-making decisions from army posts, through the "military system reform, streamlined and adopted program".

  In the second half of 1985 to early 1987, the world-famous millions of demands were basically completed. Through rectification, the number of large military regions is adjusted to 7, the General Staff, the General Politics Department, and the General Duty Department and the major military regions. In 1988, the new military ranks were started to establish a civilian cadre system.

The People’s Liberation Army entered a big step forward in the essence, synthesis, and efficient aspects. The regularization of the army took a new pace.

  The People’s Liberation Army obeys and serves the National Economic Construction and has continuously achieved new achievements in participating in socialist construction. A group of military facilities have successively changed civil, national defense technology and civilian technology began to integrate, cultivated a large number of military and dual-use talents, and strongly supported national economic construction. On the construction site of the province, the construction site of the victory oil field, they were active in the face of the people’s children and enthusiasm.

Planning: Zhou Hongjun supervision system: Zhu Yonglei An Zhanxiang Coordination: 子 莹 文文: Wang Ying Design: Fan Shanshan References: "The History of the Communist Party of China" "100th Party History in the literature" The Xinhuanet News Center produced [Click on the following picture to enter more previous review].