"Boiling life" boot in Baoji

Original title: "Boiling Life" in Baoji Baoji (Reporter Bihua) On June 1, the 2021 Shaanxi Provincial Major Cultural Boutique Project TV drama "Boiling life" is booted in Baoji."Boiling life" is taken by Shaanxi Guangshi Media Group, Shaanxi Film and Television and Television Culture. It is the first TV drama in Shaanxi.

The drama took the "Pentium Year" creation class, and perspective in 30 years China Automotive Industry from "China Manufacturing" to "China Zhizhu" to "China’s Creation" brilliant journey, depicting a car industrial practitioner with youth andSweat is written with a magnificent painting of boiling life.On the same day, the director Xu Zong Zheng, the actor Han Dongjun, and the Qing Si and other owners were unveiled at the scene.(Editor: Zou Xing, Deng Nan).