Wan Fenglin Street, Xingyi City: Integrating red gene into youth blood

Tan Daoleng "We are communist successors, inheriting the glorious tradition of the revolutionary ancestors …" Recently, I walked into the Xingyi City Wan Fenglin Primary School, the classroom sounded "Chinese Junior Pioneer Team Song", the school party branch Feng Yuxian, who is giving the fifth grade, on the theme party class on "Chinese Juvenile Pioneer Team History".

Since the study of party history, Wan Fenglin streets have given full play to the school’s grassroots party organizations to lead the role, leading to party building, and prefer "trains", organized 12 primary and secondary schools, kindergarten party branch secretary to carry out "learning party history Party’s "Theme Party Class" more than 50 times. "We integrate the party history and education in daily work, and the normalization is well promoted.

"Feng Yuxian introduced that the school’s party branch uses the" three sessions ", class, team members and other time, determine the distinctive micro-topic, designated preaching to carry out a micro-lecture.

Through the above rate, the teacher’s deep research education is carried out, and the stronger foundation of the teenager’s parties, and coordinates the channels of the school committee, parent members, and establish "school-owned" all-in-law work mechanism.

The school also gives full play to the Communist Youth League, the leading role of the Young Pioneers, and organizes 8 primary and secondary schools, and the earnings of the Youth League Cadre launched more than 30 times, through the team lead, and be "drape". "We are a group of happiness, hopeful teenagers, is a communist successor. We always have new challenges, creative brilliance." In a speech carried out in Wan Fenglin Primary School, the speech of the students won warm applause . Wan Fenglin Street passes through the campus cultural infiltration, integrating the history of young people into the campus culture, and strives to build a "red campus" of the school parties.

"At Wan Fenglin Central Campus, we use LED display, campus propaganda columns, corridors, etc., and put the banner on the eye-catching place.

"For the president of Wan Fenglin Primary School, the next step, the school will build a" red culture "road, so that all teachers and students will be inflated in the subtlety. At the same time, each party team issued more than 100 departments, convene a propaganda meeting, and promoted party history Education into the brain into the heart. Wan Fenglin street has also given full play to the main position of the teaching, and do a good job in classroom innovation, inheriting "red gene."

Through mining language, history, politics, etc., the parties’ education resources contained in the college students, and the content of the school’s history class is continuously enriched. "Now I will give a party history class for different grades in different grades." As a secretary of the party branch of Wan Fenglin Primary School, Feng Yuxian also had an identity – a teacher of morality and the rule of law. In order to guide students from a deep party history, the school selection has more than 10 backbone teachers such as language, thinking, history, and build a boutique "party history demonstration class".

"Youth is the future of the motherland, from the small training of their patriotic consciousness and national responsibility sense, we will keep in mind the initial mission, actively guide students to the correct road.

"Feng Yuxian said. (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.